Gustavo Adolfo Infante: “Many confuse being a journalist with being a clown”

Gustavo Adolfo Infante has something very clear: we are all replaceable. For this reason, from some time to date, she has taken care of her diet, she does her “darlings” with Botox and dyes her hair. “You have to look good! New generations of journalists are coming,” he comments at his Grupo Imagen offices, from where he broadcasts his morning show on YouTube and his multiple collaborations for a radio station in the United States, Sale el sol, and his broadcasts First hand and The minute that changed my destiny


You are a figure, I don’t think you compete with the new generations. Your experience, the place you’ve earned in the middle… No one can even catch up with you. You are an institution… Thank you very much; more, coming from a partner and friend. We’ve known each other since we started, since we were kids looking for the opportunity to excel as reporters.

Did you dream of being in this place? Yes, all my life I dreamed it, all my life I pursued it, all my life I worked for it. I became the hard job of a reporter on the street, in one go. The first years were the ones you have to pay for the novice, the right to stay.

How long did you report? I keep reporting. I joined in December 1984, and in 1991, when show business came to an end, I hooked up with Rim Bom Video until 1992. Then I was in Furia Musical until 1995 and I practically dedicated myself to radio, 11 years, before be owner. In two years I will be completing my 40th career, if God lends me life.

Is there a lot of competition? I don’t know if there is or not, but I see a lot of people who were on the screen and are still valid; I hear them on the radio and I say: “For a reason they took López-Dóriga, Dennise Maerker, who is already on her way out…”.

But you have built a reputation… I believe that we are all replaceable, that they can put someone in your place and maybe nothing will happen, but I live from this and I don’t know how to do anything else. I mean, you know how to do public relations, I don’t know how to organize press conferences.

Do you see yourself doing anything else? I just don’t know how to do anything else. I tried to be an entrepreneur and it was messed up; the times I did it, it went wrong: I set up a restaurant and I crashed it. My only company is me: Gustavo Adolfo Infante. So I decided not to put another penny into something I don’t know, because one says: “The restaurant is very easy”. Yes, I knew how to arrive, order, eat, drink, pay, tip and leave. Nothing more. But the operation is different. It’s like saying: “How easy it is to do an interview.” Well, let’s see, do it!

It is also a trade that we have cultivated, because an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante 30 years ago is not the same as the ones you do now on Saturdays… Thanks God no. Fortunately there has been growth, evolution and maturity. You’re right: we are all replaceable.

Does that haunt you? No, but I know that tomorrow we have to give way to the new generations. I have supported many; Many of the classmates who are in the media today went to school with me, and it’s cool. I recognize that there is talent, but I know that tomorrow I will have to leave the box to produce, to be behind…

Besides, you were a very rude boss… I have softened over the years; I softened when I got married, when my children were born… For me, vacations didn’t exist before, I was the Grinch of journalism, but you have to take life more calmly. I understood that if information does not come out, nothing happens.

But not even on your vacations do you rest; you go to Japan and do reports on Japan, you go to Thailand and do reports on Thailand… It’s just that if I don’t, I get bored! It’s okay father to travel and work, because I’m used to it.


Is there a day you don’t want to work? That you say: “Today I do nothing; I want to stay lying down, watching movies.” No, because I grab the cell phone and I’m giving my opinion on social networks, I’m already sending a link for an interview that we do the next day…

Also, you are there 24 hours a day because, something happens, then you are uploading it to YouTube… Yes Yes Yes Yes. Fortunately, the immediacy of a cell phone and this marvel called the Internet give us immediacy and globality at the same time.

However, it is also a dangerous tool, because any moron takes a cell phone and issues an opinion about something they don’t know. And there are countless opinionists on the internet. I cannot respect someone who is not in the field as a reporter, period. I can’t believe that he appears so cab… there that, suddenly, by being funny, by giving a nickname, by offending, he generates ratings and he does very well offending everyone; Daniel Bisogno is called Lady Moon; to me, Infamous Amorphous Worm… I don’t know where he came from.

Today, you are the news for the lawsuits that you have thrown with various figures… Alfredo Adame has gone on saying that I am an upstart: “He does not have a professional license, because he did not study.” I was waiting a moment to show it. I’m going to give it to you so it can be published on TVyNovelas: Graduated in Journalism, graduated from Carlos Septién.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante

Are we in a crisis of entertainment journalism? I think there is an abuse of entertainment journalism, and there are no new researchers; at least in the middle of the show. Anyone goes rudely with what they get on social networks. In other words, following Palazuelos or Shakira or Piqué, and that is what they replicate in their media. There is no research, there is no field, there is no study, there is no school, unfortunately. I would like to know who we are going to inherit this to. Who is Maxine going to leave her place to?

Who would you leave your place to?? I don’t know, I have no one to leave it to. I don’t see anyone, because many confuse being a journalist with being a clown, and another day they’re already comedians. So they already go out fighting on TV, they are already journalists, they invent lies. It is not possible what is happening: both pseudo journalist, pseudo communicator and that they have a YouTube channel. Now anyone takes it out.

How do you feel to be part of the note? I mean your lawsuits, your demands… It’s very uncomfortable, because I’ve tried and worked to be a medium, to be in the middle of the news and the public. When you stop being media to become a note, it’s awkward, because now they want me to go to the red carpet, and they end up asking about the same three cab… with which there is nothing to say. It is the price one must pay for being a true journalist.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante

Are you worth more for what you shut up than for what you publish? I think so. Life is like poker: “As I see, I give.” If you and I have a friendship and there is solidarity and so on, I’m not going to say anything about you; It would be disloyal on my part, but if there are people who screw you for screwing you, then up to the limit, right?

Since when are you “The King of Exclusives”? That nickname was given by an executive from Grupo Imagen, when we formed Reporte 98.5, 19 years ago. The truth? I liked it and I try to be.

You work from six in the morning until ten, eleven at night, every day… Not on Sundays; those days I try to walk my dogs and eat with my family, that kind of thing. But from Monday to Saturday I work all day.

Are you in the prime of your journalistic career and your personal life as well? Yes, I am very happy. I have a life partner named Verónica; We have been married for 22 years and engaged for two… 24 years together. She is the one who lands me, the one who puts the cable on the ground, the one who tells me: “You are flying. That’s not how things are”, the one who criticizes me the most what I say, what I do and how I say it. I have two teenage sons that he struggles with, like all teenagers, but nothing great.

If you had to leave now, would you leave happy? I would leave satisfied, because I am trying to leave the seeds of work and discipline in my children, and because I am a solid buddy as a journalist. Well, I wouldn’t want to die. Hopefully, God gives me a few more years.

Do you see yourself as an old man, with grandchildren? Yes Yes Yes Yes. With dyed hair too, of course, as before; with botox as before.

Do you make arrangements? And I say it, because people realize. I mean, I’m 57 years old and I don’t have wrinkles, don’t scrub! They give me botox, they give me hyaluronic acid and I don’t know what else Krasovsky gives me… Also, I’m on a diet.

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