Gustavo Adolfo Infante mocks Wendy Guevara’s education

Once again Gustavo Adolfo Infante launched against Wendy Guevara through his program on YouTube, where he pointed out that Guevara is not capable of filling theaters since her show would be a “waste of time,” since she lacks talent. .

Although Gustavo highlighted the charisma and good humor of the winner of “La Casa de los Famosos México”, he also assured that this is not enough to build a solid career, which is why he advised her that “she has to go to school.”

“Now, I have said it from day one: one thing is that Wendy is a very nice person, very nice, very funny, very cool, everything you want, but she has to go to school, she has to learn. of television, of driving, of culture,” said the presenter.

But the host of “Sale el Sol” did not stop there, as he compared Wendy Guevara with Omar Chaparro, since a few weeks ago the news spread that he was also struggling to sell tickets

“I understand that right now the popularity is up to ‘arribototota’ but a show like this, if it was difficult for Omar Chaparro to fill the Metropolitan, being Omar Chaparro, being a star, I don’t know how Wendy Guevara can do,” he said before the cameras.