Gymnastics defeats Talleres 3-1 and leaves the title to River Plate served

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The Professional League begins its date 22 with a key commitment for the definition of the tournament. Cordoba workshops, with the need to win to keep his mathematical probabilities intact, loses 3-1 to Gimnasia La Plata at Forest for the goals of Johan Chickadee (7′PT), Eric Ramírez (38′PT), Luis Miguel Rodríguez (10′ST); Francisco discounted Gerometta, against, for the T (8′ST). The referee is Leandro Rey Hilfer and televisa TNT Sports.

The game started with a lot of dynamics and the first dangerous play was for Talleres at the minute of play with a great save from Nery Laws. However, the one that took advantage was Gymnastics through Johan Carbonero. The Colombian converted after a very well elaborated stopped ball play perfectly executed by Pulga Rodríguez, who surprised the visiting defense and placed the ball in the penalty spot, aware that his mark is carried behind the crescent. There Carbonero appeared to anticipate everyone filling their mouths with a goal.

Workshops responded quickly and had two chances. First with Diego Valoyes, who endured at sheer power and finished off goalkeeper Rodrigo Rey, who was able to block the shot. And then through Michael Saints, who benefited from the sole neglect of the local defense and finished over the goalkeeper that nothing could do. The Wolf brought danger again when he had a free kick in favor and Pulga Rodríguez finished very close from the right stick.

After a period of game in which they divided the possession of the ball, Gymnastics came to second goal: after a bad start in defense of workshops, Pulga Rodríguez took charge of the counterattack and while he threatened to enable the left, he did it to the right. There Eric Ramírez appeared at full speed to finish first and capture the rebound later to turn and unleash madness in the Forest.

Gymnastics was practical, controlled the game and he didn’t need a high ball holding percentage to leave at halftime with a deserved 2-0 for the clearer situations he had.

Everyone embraces Carbonero, author of the first gymnastics goal against Talleres

The complement started with a lot of action and two goals in ten minutes. First was Workshops the fact that converted with a little fortune, Through the goal against your own fence Francisco Gerometta, at 8 ′. However, the illusion of the people of Cordoba lasted just 60 seconds since of gymnastics kickback returned to take distance in the scoreboard with a goal from Flea Rodriguez, the best player of the match.

As a result of his equality against Vélez last day, the T, which has a total of 40 units, appears nine of the leader River Plate with four games to go. For that reason, must triumph to stretch the definition of the contest and deprive the Millionaire the possibility of being champion this Thursday in the Monumental, when he receives Racing. If this result persists, Marcelo Gallardo’s team will be champion, drawing against Racing Club on Thursday.

On the other hand, those led by Alexander Medina must also add to remain firm in the Copa Libertadores zone. In the Annual Table they have 60 points, two more than Boca Juniors, their most immediate pursuer. It is worth remembering that the Cordobeses also have another chance to qualify, since they are in the semifinals of the Argentine Cup (they will face each other on December 1). Students and Lanús appear further back, both with 54.

The Uruguayan strategist made two changes with respect to the 11 that comes from equaling at home against Fortín. Carlos Auzqui, fully recovered from a muscle discomfort in his left leg (he was a substitute last day), enters in place of Angelo Martino. While Francis MacAllister replaces Juan Méndez who reached five yellow cards.

The Wolf, thanks to his victory against San Lorenzo (he won 4 of his last six presentations), he managed to climb several positions in the championship and is expectant in the bid to get a ticket to an international competition. With an accumulated 46 units, he appears only three from Defense and Justice, the last classified in the next South American Cup. Racing appears in the middle, with 47.

Néstor Gorosito confirmed the team and Lucas Licht and Rodrigo Holgado entered for Nicolás Colazo and Eric Ramírez, respectively, who dragged various physical discomforts. While Nery Leyes is the replacement for the suspended Emmanuel Cecchini.


Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata: Rodrigo Rey; Francisco Gerometta, Leonardo Morales, Germán Guiffrey, Lucas Licht; Manuel Insaurralde, Nery Leyes, Brahian Alemán and Johan Carbonero; Luis Rodríguez and Eric Ramírez. DT: Nestor Gorosito.

Córdoba workshops: Guido Herrera; Nahuel Tenaglia, Juan Cruz Komar, Rafael Pérez, Enzo Díaz; Francis MacAllister, Rodrigo Villagra; Diego Valoyes, Héctor Fértoli, Carlos Auzqui; and Michael Santos. DT: Alexander Medina.

Stadium: Juan Carmelo Zerillo

Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer

Television: TNT Sports

Positions table: