Hackers in Lima promise unlimited access to other people’s social networks for $15

Av. Wilson in Lima is known for the wide presence of businesses linked to technology. Alleged hackers offer their services for $15 to illegally enter a profile on social networks. (Capture)

In many ways, the cI enter Lima it is a part of the city where you can get any kind of product and service, even those that might be considered morally wrong. The streets near the Civic Centerone of the shopping areas located near the San Martin Plaza they receive their visitors amidst passersby doing Christmas shopping, street vendors and the deafening and uncomfortable noise of the engines of the hundreds of cars that pass by leaving a trail of stinking black smoke.

The colors of “Lima, la gris” are shown not only in illuminated signs of gift shops, clothing galleries and business of food, but also in the advertisements of “Relaxing massages”, “Love moorings” and “Loans only with your ID” that adorn light poles and even the sidewalks of the streets. The feeling that behind each of these ads a business could be hidden illegal or dangerous is real and increases with each step that is taken in the bolivia avenue in the direction of the true reason that brings me to this place: the Av. Wilsonwhich despite being renamed Garcilaso de la Vega continues to have the same name because people refuse to call it something else.

Wilson greets its visitors with the sound of Christmas lights, plus sellers street vendors and the sound of buses falling apart along with ticket collectors trying to convince passersby that it’s a good idea to get on them. Some do.

The technological hell of Lima: Wilson Avenue

It is in this area, particularly in block 12 of the Av. Wilsonwhere people who need help with their laptops, cell phonestablets, Smart watches, Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and any other element of technologythey can come to do maintenance and repairs. If you ask for a price, the figure is probably much lower compared to others that can be located in other districts.

As I approach the businesses that are dedicated to offering these services, the offers begin. Men and women between the ages of 20 and 50 are standing outside of businesses. “Maintenance?” “Reparation of cell phones?” “Recovery of passwords?” “Change of screens?” “Programs?” are the first offers they make me as they approach me with interest from the left and right with white signs that have a whole list of services, which also include the names of each existing social network such as Facebook, instagram, TwitterTelegram, WhatsApp and others.

The business service signs on Av. Wilson also include the names of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp and others.  REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo
The business service signs on Av. Wilson also include the names of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp and others. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo (Dado Ruvic/)

In the first instance, I walk past everyone and go deeper into the avenue. At each step, you can see a store of technology, each with the same offering and in the same way. After several meters, calm returns, but businesses are still waiting for their next customer. It is at that moment that I decide that my name is no longer Renato, I take off my glasses, put on a hood and retrace my steps. Among all the offers that they made me, a man approached me and with a low voice said: “hacking? whatinstagramFacebook, WhatsApp?

hackers for hire

It is not surprising for the people of Lima that in the Av. Wilson You can find businesses established by hackers in which prices are established to be able to enter accounts of email Y social media for the right price. It doesn’t matter who the affected person is or the relationship that links them, if you had the money in the right amount, then you could do it.

“How much do you charge me to enter the bill of a person?” I told the man who had offered me the service. He was an overweight man, at least in his 50s, 5’7″, with brown skin and black hair. He was wearing jean pants and a green jacket when he approached me to better listen to what he was proposing. “Account of what? Facebook? ”, He answered me as he pointed me inside a store where they printed vinyls and posters.

I was entering the lion’s den and, from what I had previously heard, caution was needed when doing the deal with the broker because these people don’t like wasting time on people who aren’t going to want the service. She just managed to tell him “instagram” while I looked to the sides in case someone else approached the place where I was. The number of people passing through the 12 block of Wilson had increased.

“That? It can be done in an hour and it can cost you 80 soles (approximately 21 dollars)”, the man who also looked to the sides as if looking for someone else consulted me. “How much is your budget?” He asked me. I had no real intention of performing the service, much less giving 80 soles of my money to these people, but I had to maintain my character if I wanted to obtain more information, so haggling over the price seemed the most appropriate thing to do at that time.

“I have 50 soles (13 dollars approximately)”, I commented. He told me that this was not the price he could give me, but if I was in a hurry, “the service can be done in half an hour. If you have the money now I can make you charge 60 (15 dollars)”. The intermediary raised his hand and whistled as he looked to his left out of the room we were in. He started to walk and I followed him while he told me that the discount he would give me was “special” because the deal was immediate with him and that I should not worry about the security because the person in charge was not him and neither would it be done in the store we had entered.

For an approximate cost of 15 dollars, people can hire a supposed hacker to be able to violate the privacy of any user.  EFE/Sascha Steinbach
For an approximate cost of 15 dollars, people can hire a supposed hacker to be able to violate the privacy of any user. EFE/Sascha Steinbach (SASCHA STEINBACH SASCHA STEINBACH/)

“Talk to the engineer and he will open the account for you right now. He will put a filter on you security so that nobody detects you. He will give you an hour to access. The account will be given to you in half an hour, he will show you how he does it, he will show you the bill. I have given you a special discount ”, he told me while we walked a few meters.

We find ourselves in front of a much younger subject, probably 35 years old or perhaps less who was shorter, perhaps 1.60 meters and with black glasses. He was wearing a red jacket, black T-shirt and light jeans. He could easily pass as just another customer, but it was a hacker and in less than an hour he would be in charge of giving me access to the account of a person who did not really exist. “Do the job for him for 60. He wants a instagramsaid the lord. The young man just nodded and asked me to follow him.

internet booths

From that moment began a walk along the Av. Wilson where my heart was racing. At that precise moment, I was next to a hired hacker whom I was going to pay to break the Internet. privacy of the person I want, a crime punishable in Peru with a custodial sentence for a period of not less than 2 years nor more than 4, a suspended sentence, but a penalty nonetheless.

The young man walked by my side without much qualms, greeting some people who were on the road. “Who do you want to hack?”, he asked me while I tried to hide the nerves that the moment generated in me and as we got closer to the Av. Republic of Venezuela, one block from where he had approached the intermediary. I had to lie and apply a story that many people consider common, at least in Peru: “I want to enter my ex’s account,” I told him. “I need to know if he is unfaithful to me.” The young man did not react, perhaps because he was used to such requests or because he did not want more details of the false story that he had been sold.

“Do you have to give me the name? Only with that I can enter. Once we locate your instagram let’s copy the linkswe are going to enter the system and a filter will be generated security and one password just for you. I will give you a schedule and from that date you will be able to enter from now on without problems”, explained the hacker while we reached the intersection with the Republic of Venezuela and turned left.

Tour between the Centro Comercial del Centro de Lima, the hacker businesses on Av. Wilson and the computer rental.  (Capture)
Tour between the Centro Comercial del Centro de Lima, the hacker businesses on Av. Wilson and the computer rental. (Capture)

From that moment the nerves increased. Not only because we had taken a path into some narrow alleyways, but because at that time, at approximately 5:00 p.m., there were not many people in that area. I started to fear for my safety the moment I told the young man that he really didn’t want to do the job and that he would forget everything because he was not willing to pay.

“The person we are going to to hack Is he not going to find out or have access to an IP address or something? “No, none of that. This is a safe procedure for you, ”she told me curtly as we crossed the street to get to a cabin business. Internet, where you can rent computers for half an hour or an hour for any type of need. The young man entered and I stayed at the door.

accomplices or deceit

“Give me an hour,” he said. hacker to the business owner. “Do you have a sun?” She said, extending her hand to receive a coin from me. I did have some in my wallet, but giving it to him meant I might be making a mistake that could hardly be fixed if I agreed to go in with him. I lied again and told him no before his fixed gaze on me. “Better forget it, I don’t want to get in trouble with the police or with the law. I’m not like that,” I told him as he backed away and he left the premises to approach me.

“Are you sure you don’t want to do the worked?”. “Yes, sure. Tell the Lord that thank you, but that I am leaving”. “The Lord is not going to believe me, I recommend that you do accept the job so you don’t have problems.” It was at that moment that I froze for an instant. Was it a threat? What problems was he referring to? The young man continued talking to me and saying that if I didn’t accept the job I had to personally tell the intermediary that he no longer wanted it because otherwise I would have a problem and the hacker he would be forced to pay the lord anyway.

“He’s a policeman,” he finally told me as we walked back to his place on the Av. Wilson. “It’s a Terna.”

Terna Group of the Peruvian National Police
Terna Group of the Peruvian National Police

In Peru, the Green Squad or Terna Group is a branch of the police actually called the Urban Operational Tactical Intelligence Unit of the National Police and its function is to carry out infiltration work to combat crimes such as robbery, theft and the micro-marketing of drugs. What was a policeman from this group doing as an intermediary for hackers who committed crimes against privacy?

We turn again in the direction of the Av. Wilson.

“If you decide not to do the job, you must tell the man personally and explain why. If he gets mad he can take you and make trouble for asking hacks”, the young man explained to me as we approached the premises. In other words, if he committed the crime he wouldn’t have problems, but if he chose not to do it he would? They would accuse me of what? If the gentleman was fulfilling his job of infiltrationWhy would you reveal your identity to others? criminals? What if it was a hoax and he wasn’t really a cop, would he still be in trouble? We arrived at the first place and I saw the man approach me, surprised because not even 10 minutes had passed. The hacker left me and went back to the place where I first found him. I advanced only the last steps towards the supposed policeman with my heart in my throat.

“I decided not to do the job, I’m not like that and I don’t want problems with the police.” The gentleman stared at me. “Are you sure you’re not going to do it? Didn’t you pay him?” “Not”. “Ok, go away” were his last words to me. I could feel that he hacker He was coming towards me, but I didn’t turn around and I quickened my pace towards him. Mall closest. I turned slightly and saw the two men looking at me and talking, maybe about me.

From that moment I turned to the bolivia avenue, I crossed Wilson and didn’t turn around anymore. If I had his eyes on my back I didn’t want to know and if I was in trouble, I didn’t want to know either. I quickened my pace even more but I wasn’t running. He was sweating. I entered a repair shop agitated. computers and asked how much he was maintenance of one laptop as I took off my hood, I put it in my backpack and tried to comb my hair. I don’t remember if they gave me the price or not.

I left being Renato again.

According to Goal, instagram Issues notifications to users whenever a login from a different or unrecognized device is detected. It also sends notifications saving a record of the location from which an attempt was made to access an account. Due to the current political situation in Peru, asking a police contact if it was true that a member of the Terna Group was in the Av. Wilson on a specific date is not a really safe option.

For now, the assumptions hackersintermediaries and undercover police are still in the same place, in the 12 block of Av. Wilson where they wait for their next clients to offer hacks and pirated computer programs.

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