Hackers take advantage of the earthquake in Turkey to scam and steal data

Civil Defense workers and security forces search through the rubble of collapsed buildings after an earthquake that shook Syria and Turkey (AP Photo/Omar Sanadiki, File) (Omar Sanadiki/)

Hackers and scammers they take advantage of earthquakes that have caused more than 21,000 deaths in Turkey and Syria to impersonate NGOsreceiving donations and stealing data from Internet users, the Romanian antivirus producer warned today Bitdefender.

“In the campaign identified just after the earthquake, criminals cybernetics they pretended to be representatives of a Ukrainian charitable organization that had a mission to collect money to help the victims,” Bitdefender said in a statement.

from a IP that Bitdefender has placed in Pakistanscammers sent emails to their victims on behalf of the “Wladimir Foundation”which claimed to assist the victims “on the ground”.

Its website was created on October 3, 2022, and to receive donations, the fake NGO he had also created cryptocurrency wallets.

The facade of this fictitious organization served at first to ask for financial support for the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, “it seems to have changed its mission and is now looking for donations for the victims of the devastating earthquake,” says the cybersecurity company, one of the international leaders in the sector.

Bitdefender has identified another campaign in which hackers pose as another “global NGO that collaborates with UNICEF” and asks users to send an email to an email address to receive information about payment methods.

An aerial view shows collapsed and damaged buildings after an earthquake in Hatay, Turkey REUTERS/Umit Bektas
An aerial view shows collapsed and damaged buildings after an earthquake in Hatay, Turkey REUTERS/Umit Bektas (UMIT BEKTAS/)

“With this interaction, users not only confirm their email address,” they also “risk offering additional personal and financial information,” warns Bitdefender, which recommends always being alert so as not to fall for this type of fraud.

The death toll by the powerful earthquake that struck almost 100 hours ago Syria and Turkey amounted to more than 21,000 deadlocal authorities informed

The first shipments of humanitarian aid of the UN They arrived in Syria this Friday, but the chances of finding people alive fade once the three-day period that experts consider crucial has expired.

The elapsed time, added to the frigid temperatures of the region, turn the rescues into something close to a miracle, like that of the young Turk Melda Adtasfound alive 80 hours after the quake.

The 16 year old girl got trapped in some kind of deep well under a collapsed building in the city of antakya. Thanks to the notice of the neighbors who heard her weak voice, she could be found and saved.

God bless you! God bless you all!”exclaimed her father crying with joy as rescue teams pulled his daughter out of the ruins.

In a region already battered by the civil war in syria and the displacement of millions of people, the magnitude 7.8 earthquake surprised many.

The boss of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesusand the humanitarian officer of the UN, Martin GriffithsThey announced that they will visit the area soon.

(With information from EFE)

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