Halle Bailey complains about racist comment

  • The actress of the movie “The Little Mermaid” lived an unpleasant moment during an interview with the presenter Patricio Borghetti

The comment made by the TV Azteca host, Patricio Borghetti, to Halle Bailey, star of the new movie “The Little Mermaid” about “no one of us who was in that room yesterday seeing the color of your skin” went to the top controls of the Disney studios in the United States.

The protagonist of the new live action was upset by Borghetti’s comment considered “racist” during an interview for the television program ‘Venga la Alegría’, this after the presenter mentioned her skin color.

The American actress complained about the interviews she had in Mexico, this derived from the one conducted by the TV Azteca host, because what was meant to be a compliment ended up as a racist comment, for which the young woman questioned why they had brought her to Mexico and asked not to be exposed to this type of situation again before personnel who were not sufficiently prepared.
Since the announcement of Halle Bailey as the protagonist of the live action of ‘The Little Mermaid’, a lot of controversy and racist comments against the young actress have arisen.