Halloween and the most searched on Google: makeup, movies and more

Searches related to costumes increase in Colombia every year during the month of October (Google) (Google/)

Halloween has become a global party where people are more likely to change their search habits in Google based on the context in which you find yourself during the period leading up to the days 31 Octoberin which people celebrate this event every year.

In the case of the public Colombianthis trend is greater than in any other country in the region, according to information presented by Google and that counts the searches carried out in the country between the days October 24 and 28.

Also, Google Trendsthe tool that displays search data worldwide, indicates that this search term has peaks established periodically each year in the same month.

Costume rental search data on Google Trends (Screenshot)
Costume rental search data on Google Trends the week leading up to Halloween (Screenshot)

The users in Colombia have chosen to perform more searches related to “homemade costumes” rather than “easy costumes”. In addition, the men’s costumes have submitted a 200% increase in the period of 7 days between October 24 and 28, being “disguise of The Weekend” the most prominent at that time with a 160% increase in your search indicator among users.

On the other hand, the list of top 10 costumes most searched in this time includes terms such as: Catrina, the purge, Harley Quinn, pirate, angel, witch, Wonder Woman, devil, scarecrow and Snow White.

As an additional element, users also seek to improve their costumes adding special makeup to provide greater realism or complement the clothing they will wear to parties on the night of Halloween. According to the statistics of Google Trendsseeking “rabbit makeup for girl” increased dramatically in Colombia by more than 4,800% during the last 7 days.

Makeup search data on Google Trends the week before Halloween (Screenshot)
Makeup search data on Google Trends the week before Halloween (Screenshot)

On the other hand, searches related to “zombie makeup for men” and “face stone makeup” have seen an increase of more than 150%in the last 7 days in the country, while queries about “butterfly makeup for girl has shown an increase of more than 140% during the same period of time.

Searches for Colombia related to make-up generated that the country is located as the second country that leads the consultations of this type of content during the last week, only surpassed by Mexico. In the rest of countries that make up the top 5 Ecuador is in third place, Japan in fourth place and Bolivia in fifth.

Just like the most wanted costumes in Google Searchusers also made similar queries for makeup, since the top 10 of the most wanted makeup for the Colombians are those of: catrina, witch, Harley Quinn, the purge, devil, zombie, vampire, clown, pirate and scarecrow.

Horror movie search data on Google Trends the week leading up to Halloween (Screenshot)
Horror movie search data on Google Trends the week leading up to Halloween (Screenshot)

To favor the atmosphere of fear that prevails in the celebration of Halloweenusers search Google that provide recommendations on the best horror content. That is why Google Trends detected that in the last 7 days the search for “horror stories to keep you awake” increased its interest among the Colombian public with an increase of more than 500%.

The theater was also no stranger to the trend of terror that was generated in the search engine Googleas queries for “horror plays” also received a substantial increase with a growth of more than 450% in the last week prior to the celebration of Halloween.

Cinema and horror films were also content requested by Colombians during these days prior to the celebration of Halloween. That is why the top 10 of the most sought-after feature films is made up of:

– Terrier

– Terrier 2

-Winnie the Pooh; blood and honey

– Saw

– Smile

– The Night of the Demon

– The House of Terror


– The Exorcist

– The spell


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