Halo Infinite: Players Report In-Game Cheats, Calling For Cheaters To Be Kicked Out

Halo Infinite suffers from hackers and streamers make their voices heard. (photo: eGames.news)

Halo Infinite is currently suffering an avalanche of hackers and users who use cheats to win games. The players of Halo reported several instances of cheating over the past weekend, with footage apparently showing people using aimbots and wallhacks to fake video game rules. After its recent debut in the gaming world, it has been hit hard by an increase in cheating in one of the best-known PC games in the world.

Users of Reddit and Twitter They have posted cheat clips where players can be clearly seen breaking the rules of Halo Infinite (and any shooter game); such as tracking opposing players through walls. Most of these tricks apparently use third party software on PCs and this has led to Many players request the option to disable cross-play.

Halo Infinite currently combines PC players and Xbox in a format called ‘quick match’. Even in the competition modes, except that PC players play alone or with a pair. While disabling cross-play can fix most of the suggestions for console gamers, there are also suggestions on the console side via third party controllers like Cronus. These modified controls allow players to reduce recoil, increase aim assist effects, and generally win over their opponents.

Unlike many other PC games, Halo Infinite does not use an anti-cheat solution like Easy AntiCheat, BattlEye, or even a custom client-side detection system. Instead, 343 Industries developed a server-side behavior-based system that supposedly detects cheaters and kicks them out of the game.

This behavior-based system is obviously not working well yet and the hack providers are promotional tools that include aimbots, wallhacks, infinite ammo, infinite abilities, infinite grenades, quick-fire mods, quick hacks and even skills that allow you to win much more forcefully.

Streamers frustration

Halo Infinite players are frustrated. Since Halo Infinite is free, hackers can easily create another account from Microsoft and keep evading the ban. Customer failure to fight fraud could be a big problem unless 343 Industries takes action on these attacks and can properly detect them.

Halo Infinite launched for PC peaking at over 250,000 players on its first launch day earlier this month. The game has also averaged around 150,000 plays per day since its launch.

Streamer ZLaner.  (photo: Pro Games Tips)
Streamer ZLaner. (photo: Pro Games Tips)

Other video games with cyber attackers

Cyber ​​attackers have also targeted games like CS: GO, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Destiny 2, PUBG and many other popular multiplayer titles. While cheating problems have certainly improved in games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Destiny 2Thanks to the new anti-cheat system, Halo Infinite seems to be the ultimate goal for cheaters who just want to spoil everyone’s fun in the world.

Wallhack in Apex Legends.  (photo: ILikeCheats)
Wallhack in Apex Legends. (photo: ILikeCheats)

Halo Infinite is going to add new weapons and other features to its multiplayer

The information was provided by a recent interview that the Game Informer site did with Joseph Staten, Creative head of the studio 343 Industries. There, the developer confirmed that players still have a lot of content to discover from the Halo Infinite multiplayer and anticipated that more weapons will be incorporated over the months and seasons.

(Photo: Xbox)

Although Staten did not disclose more information about it for now, suggested they will incorporate secret weapons, as seen in previous installments of the franchise. However, in order not to ruin any possible surprises and not to break with the secret nature of said weapons, he did not anticipate anything else.

In its current state, the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta features several weapons, but also notable absences from previous installments in the series. In addition to these possible additions, Players who were able to test part of the campaign noticed that there are some powerful weapons that are not in multiplayer. Possibly the decision has been made so as not to spoil or ruin the experience for anyone, but it is not ruled out that they will be added later.


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