Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Front embezzled and laundered millions of dollars through humanitarian aid NGOs

Celebrations for the 34th anniversary of the founding of the terrorist group Hamas, in the northern Gaza Strip on December 10, 2021. REUTERS / Mohammed Salem (MOHAMMED SALEM /)

Beyond their political and strategic differences in the fight against Israel, the Hamas group and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) have worked together in the search for funds through the laundering and theft of money from humanitarian organizations. which they later used for their terrorist activities.

According to a report published by the Israeli press, his government officials appointed five Palestinian charities as terrorist groups and part of a network that embezzled and laundered millions of dollars in assets. The news was known in recent days, but the investigation took more than three years, until in October, the Israelis corroborated the actions of both groups with European and American non-governmental organizations.

The investigation file labeled as secret and reserved is in the hands of senior officials of the Israeli government and shows how the structures of charities are infiltrated and kidnapped by Islamist groups whose responsibility for the kidnapping and murder of civilians has been known for several years.

The investigation reached the hands of the US press, which has not yet made it known due to the degree of confidentiality and due to the fact that the Israeli government neither confirmed nor denied its authenticity. However, the file bears the logo of the Shin Bet (Israel’s Internal Security Agency) and from it a solid body of evidence can be found that syndicates the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), designated by the EU and the USA. The US as a terrorist organization for being responsible for a dozen attacks between 1965 and 1980, and for operating a network of European NGOs to launder and embezzle millions of dollars derived by the EU for humanitarian aid from the Palestinian people. The Hamas group, also classified as a terrorist by supranational organizations, appears in the investigation together with the PFLP as actively responsible for diverting donated money and laundering assets to benefit from their violent activities.

The Israelis also accuse various charities of falsifying bank statements and donor documents that were defrauded in connection with the diversion of humanitarian donations and money. The investigation file describes how members of Hamas laundered money through different humanitarian organizations and then derived the funds obtained to finance their terrorist actions, including the attack that occurred in the West Bank in 2019, where an Israeli civilian was killed. .

One of the Palestinian charities identified as the main one in charge of channeling the money derived from the laundering to Gaza, whose name is withheld to preserve the judicial file, is made up of European anti-Israel activists and has its legal address in Larnaka, Cyprus. Most of its members are identified and are of Spanish, Swedish and Turkish nationality. All of them are directly related to the Open Society Institute, which according to Western intelligence agencies is financed by an important American millionaire who is internationally known in the world of laboratories and other businesses.

Several donations that have been misappropriated were remitted by the governments of France, Denmark and Italy. In these cases, for the Israeli authorities, the actions of Hamas and the PFLP have been simply theft and theft of funds drawn for humanitarian purposes and used to finance actions of both groups. However, Israeli authorities suspect that European governments were misled by Palestinian groups by sending nearly $ 200 million during 2020 and 2021 without properly enforcing anti-terrorist regulations.

Several NGO specialists, whose area of ​​expertise is the investigation and follow-up of humanitarian donations, declared to the Israeli press expressing their desire that the investigation expose the problem of money laundering and embezzlement so that all governments can prosecute Correctly, to which hands the money they send goes, as well as the activities of the intervening banks to neutralize this type of financing that ends up in the coffers of terrorist organizations.

According to an Israeli security official who was able to consult Infobae and who requested anonymity, his government has not yet made the file public so as not to hinder its progress, but he assured that he has abundant evidentiary plexus on terrorist financing. The judicial evidence includes shocking recordings and audios of personalities from the world of finance and European, American and Palestinian NGOs that include years of investigation into officials of Hamas and the PFLP suspected of laundering and other activities that help to derive funds from the EU. and Western countries donors to both terrorist groups.

The source confirmed that Israel shared the dossier with several countries, including the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom. in order to obtain support in the investigation and requested the designation as terrorists of five officials from Hamas and three from the PFLP. Washington and London responded to the diplomatic exhortations in late November and promised to work together on the information sent by Israel to advance the designations and deepen the information.

The investigation exposes various Palestinian aid groups supported by the anti-Israeli community, the American far left, and Europe; all known for their militant biased views on human rights. The NGOs that appear in the judicial file are the Al-Haqq group, a militant sector favorable to the economic boycott against Israel; the Addameer organization, a non-profit organization that provides legal advice to Gazans Palestinians detained for terrorist attacks in Israel; the organization for the Defense of Palestinian Children, which has an office in Geneva, Switzerland and is the one that is most involved and the United Committee of Palestinian Women, which promotes the rights of Islamic women under occupation from Gaza and the West Bank . All of these groups have long been accused on suspicion of NGO’s of having ties to terrorism, although the file of the current investigation of the Israeli government provides the most complete and definitive evidence known to date that indeed, each one of them serve as a front for the laundering and embezzlement of funds from Hamas and the PFLP.

The Israeli source indicated that the judicial investigation will expose what was always suspected but until now it had not been possible to reliably corroborate the modality of financing of both terrorist organizations through NGOs, and the same for Palestinian aid groups that are used as a front for their laundry schemes, whose amounts exceeded 50 million dollars in the last two years.

The biggest blow to these groups occurred in November, when a Palestinian woman named Juana Rishmawi, a Spanish national who worked for several years for NGOs in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​pleaded guilty to participating in the financing of terrorist networks in the West Bank and Gaza. Rishmawi was sentenced despite the fact that her defense alleged in the trial that her actions were a response to the crimes that Israel carries out against the Palestinians and their human rights.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the Democratic representative of Minnesota, Betty McCollum and other pro-Palestinian congressmen are working so that the Biden administration increases to 20 million dollars annually the aid fund for humanitarian organizations for the Palestinian people. That fund is discretionary managed by the Canaan Association, which is closely linked to terrorist groups in Gaza and withheld financial information from Citibank and other banking institutions, so in 2018, several US banks stopped receiving donations to the group.

When the Israeli judicial investigation comes to light, the international scandal may acquire unexpected edges, there is information that has not yet transpired but that is in the hands of agencies in Washington, London and Jerusalem, in it, there are many names of well-known personalities of the international politics and the world of finance of extensive and well-known militancy in favor of Palestinian groups, but also of American politicians such as Rashida Tlaib, Democratic representative for Michigan and Ilhan Omar, who represents the Democratic Party in Minnesota and is a close friend of Michel Obama, wife of former President Barack Obama, both women are recognized for being close and closely related to the investigated organizations.


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