Hamas imposed conditions on the delivery of medicines to 45 hostages in Gaza

Security personnel guard trucks carrying aid as they arrive in Rafah, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in the southern Gaza Strip January 17, 2024. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem ( MOHAMMED SALEM/)

The Hamas terrorist group on Wednesday raised new conditions for deliver medicines intended for 45 hostages kidnapped on October 7 and held in the Gaza Strip and refused to allow Israeli authorities to inspect the trucks.

“Trucks with pharmaceutical products will enter without Israeli inspection,” he said Musa Abu Marzuka senior official of the Palestinian terrorist group, in power in Gaza, on the social network X.

In addition to rejecting the inspection of trucks, the official said that for each box of medicine destined for the 45 hostages, one thousand boxes will go to the inhabitants of Gaza.

“The medicines will be supplied through a country in which we have confidence, Qatar, and not France, as Israel requested,” he added.

Once they enter the Strip, the medicines, whether destined for the population or the hostages, will be “taken to four different hospitals” in the Palestinian territory, Abu Marzuk added.

Normally, the entry of humanitarian aid from Egypt transits through the Rafah crossing, is reviewed by the Israelis at the Kerem Shalom crossing and then returns to Rafah to be taken to the Gaza Strip.

According to a security source in Egypt, a plane carrying the drugs arrived from Qatar on Wednesday in El-Arish, near Rafah.

01/17/2024 Buildings destroyed by the Israeli Army's bombing of the Al Maghazi refugee camp, in the Gaza Strip (archive) POLITICS Europe Press/Contact/Omar Ashtawy
01/17/2024 Buildings destroyed by the Israeli Army’s bombing of the Al Maghazi refugee camp, in the Gaza Strip (archive) POLITICS Europa Press/Contact/Omar Ashtawy (Europa Press/Contact/Omar Ashta/)

Israel kills Hamas terrorist

On the other hand, the Israeli army continues his counterterrorism operations in Gaza and announced this Wednesday that killed a Hamas member Manager interrogate Palestinians who were accused of spying against the organization.

“An Israeli forces plane eliminated Bilal Nofal“said a military spokesman, whom he considered “responsible for interrogating those suspected of carrying out espionage activities” against the Islamist group itself in the south of the Strip.

As he stressed, Nofal “played a role in the advancement of Hamas’s research and development processes,” and “its elimination significantly impacts the terrorist organization’s ability to develop and improve its capabilities”.

In turn, the troops assured that after a strong burst of about fifty rockets launched yesterday by Palestinian militias towards the Israeli town of Netivot -close to Gaza-, the soldiers “located the complex” from where the shots were fired.

“The troops found three launchers”, some of them “loaded with rockets”, and “destroyed the premises” and the weapons.

Likewise, the Army continued to advance in the area of ​​the city of Khan Younis, where much of the fighting is concentrated. According to him, an Israeli helicopter killed three terrorists after troops identified them escaping from a building and launching mortar shells.

The war in Gaza has already lasted 103 days, since Hamas terrorist attack that on October 7, the conflict broke out and ended the lives of some 1,200 people In Israel.

Since then, those killed by Israeli bombings and attacks on the Strip, according to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health, have reached almost 24,300and it is estimated that some 8,000 missing people are dead under the rubble of destroyed buildings, in a place of unprecedented devastation that has led to a humanitarian crisis, while there are no ways to immediately end the conflict.

The Israeli Army announced that it has moved into a new phase of lower intensity in the war, while reducing troops on the ground after declaring that he had almost completely dismantled the military structure of Hamas in the north, as part of his objective of completely eradicating the terrorist group from the Strip.

(With information from AFP)