Hamas negotiates the handover of the Argentine Bibas family in exchange for prisoners accused of terrorism

Kfir Bibas was 10 months old when he was taken hostage by the terrorist group Hamas (HOSTAGES AND MISSING FAMILIES FO/)

Despite the absence of official confirmation regarding the deaths of Kfir Bibas (10 months), Ariel Bibas (4 years) and their mother Shiri Silberman Bibas (32)the terrorist group Hamas offered the Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, give up their bodies in exchange for a ceasefire in Gaza, the freedom of dozens of Palestinians detained in Israel for fundamentalist acts and the entry of trucks with food, water and medicine that they later use to support their defense positions in the Strip.

A delegation from Mossad – Israel’s international intelligence agency – met recently two days in Doha with Mohammed bin Abdulrahman to discuss this Hamas offer, and ultimately rejected the terrorist group’s demands.

In Jerusalem they explained to Infobae that There is no certainty about the situation of Kfir, Ariel and Shiri Bibas, and that “it is not possible” to make an agreement without evidence regarding the situation of the captives who have Argentine and Israeli nationality.

Hamas claimed that Kfir, Ariel and Shiri Bibas were killed during an Israeli attack on Gazaa version that the War Cabinet led by Benjamin Netanyahu is still investigating. The terrorist group did not provide a single piece of evidence that allows ratifying his accusation against the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Four-year-old Ariel Bibas was taken hostage by the Hamas terrorist group when it attacked Israel on October 7
Ariel Bibas, four years old, was taken hostage by the Hamas terrorist group when it attacked Israel on October 7 (HOSTAGES AND MISSING FAMILIES FO/)

On Friday morning in Doha, Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman He brought another offer from Hamas to the Mossad delegation. In this case, Yarden Bibas, (father of Kfir and Ariel, and husband of Shiri), was offered for nearly 60 Palestinian convicts who have been in prison since 1980. The terrorist group would only hand over Yarden Bibas, who is at the mercy of Hamas’s orders.

From the capital of Qatar, Israeli negotiators contacted David Barnea, director of Mossad, to describe Hamas’ new offer. Barnea shared the information with Netanyahu, who ultimately rejected the terrorist group’s claim. The Israeli premier privileges the freedom of children, women and the elderly, an option that Hamas does not fully validate.

Yarden Bibas father of baby Kfir from Hamas captivity
Still captive in Gaza, Yarden Bibas appeared in a propaganda video broadcast by the terrorist group Hamas

When the negotiation was dying, the Prime Minister of Qatar announced to the Mossad mission that Hamas had a final proposal. The terrorist group offered the entire Bibas family (Kfir, Ariel, Shira and Yarden), that she was kidnapped on October 7; six women and an unknown number of elderly people and children, who are held captive in the Gaza tunnels.

The negotiation was blocked by the demands of Hamas. He wanted a greater number of released prisoners and an indefinite number of trucks with water, food and medicine that would enter through the Rafah crossing (Egypt). Likewise, if a new ceasefire was agreed, the terrorist group could not guarantee that the truce would extend to Israel’s border with Lebanon, where Hezbollah attacks under Iranian orders.

The Hamas terrorist group used civilians held captive in Gaza to gain political and military advantages in negotiating another truce with Israel.
The Hamas terrorist group used civilians held captive in Gaza to obtain political and military advantages in negotiating another truce with Israel (Mohammed Salem/APA Images via ZU/)

The Mossad negotiating delegation returned to Jerusalem without a possible agreement to achieve freedom for the Bibas family and other captives of the terrorist group that responds to Iran. Qatar is also an ally of Hamas and moves with a double standard in the face of the proposals of Israel, the United States and Egypt, which at their respective levels participate in the negotiations with the fundamentalists of Gaza.

Santiago Cafiero is in permanent contact with Doha, Jerusalem and Washington, and has already spoken about this complex international issue with his successor Diana Mondino. The chancellor of Alberto Fernández and the designated minister of Foreign Affairs of Javier Milei They share that it is a priority issue and? only international pressure will be able to get Hamas to release all the kidnapped civilians on October 7.