Hanna celebrated Ashley’s birthday with a cake fight on stage

The Pérez sisters shared the fun celebration with their fans during their presentation at the “Palenque Feria de León 2022″

Hanna Nicole and Ashley Grace, members of Ha*Ash, impressed their fans at the Palenque Feria de León and their followers on social networks, with an unexpected but fun birthday celebration. The singers staged a cake war on stage after one of them surprised the other with a cake.

The residents of León, Guanajuato, began 2022 with their traditional fair where they can enjoy multiple shows led by great representatives of different musical genres. Within this year’s billboard, the presence of Alejandro Fernández, Gloria Trevi, Carlos Rivera, María José, Pepe Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar, Banda MS, Bronco, Los Ángeles Azules, Emmanuel and Mijares stood out.

On January 26, it was Ha*Ash’s turn, a concert that coincided with Ashley’s 35th birthday, as she celebrated another year of life the next day. The performers captivated those present with their greatest hits in a magical evening, but Hanna did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate her younger sister with the public.

For that reason, the singer decided that it would be an unforgettable night for everyone thanks to a cake. It all started when her production team brought out a cake full of the classic candles and the show’s attendees sang the traditional Mañanitas in honor of the birthday girl, as well as a cheer.

After making her wish, Ashley gave the cake to her Hanna, who was about to deliver it to the production when she had a great idea, throw the cake on her sister’s head, who at that moment had her back turned, distracted, thanking her. to the public the nice gesture they had with her.

Hanna flipped the dessert over her bloodmate’s head, taking her by surprise. After the prank, Ashley was not far behind, she picked up part of the cake that was left on the ground, she ran trying to reach her also partner and when she got it, she threw it at her and smeared it on her long blonde hair.