Happy Birthday! With a piñata, they celebrate one of the longest-lived pandas in the world at the Chapultepec Zoo

Xin Xin turns 32 this Friday and is one of the eight pandas in the world that have surpassed their longevity stage, since on average they live 20 years.

Xin Xin turns 32 today, is one of the oldest pandassince on average they live 20 years and live in the Chapultepec Zooexplained the director of Conservation and Animal Welfare attached to the General Directorate of Zoos and Conservation of Wild Fauna of the Secretariat of the Environment (Sedema) of Mexico City, Rafael Tinajero

In an interview it was reported that there is only eight pandas in the world who have passed their longevity stage, and two of them are in our country. They are Shuan Shuan who turned 35 on June 15 and Xin Xin, who celebrates 32 years today.

Xin Xin was born in 1990 and is the daughter of Tohui, a giant panda who was born in Mexico and reached adulthood.


“Throughout all these years and thanks to a conservation program Since 1975, all giant pandas have been in Danger of extinctionand thanks to the programs of the different governments, zoos in China and other parts of the world, the species has been recovered by increasing its population”, he explained.

The capital official explained that the pandas, like the other residents of the zoo, have a preventive medicine program, which consists of monitoring to prevent them from getting sick and they follow a diet based on rice, apples, carrots, and vitamin complexes, in addition to of what is essential for the species, which is bamboo, which is grown in the Chapultepec Forest and that they receive an average of 10 to 13 kilos, daily. “They have been very healthy pandas,” he said.


As a birthday present and also as part of her environmental enrichment, Xin Xin received a cardboard pinata and glue that are edible and non-toxic, “they have a surprise inside. They bring an apple, honey, jam, yogurt and then they can explore these pieces. They always put something on their birthday”, explained the director of Conservation and Animal Welfare.

Rafael Tinajero added that a contest where more than 200 drawings of the 2 giant pandas, and which will be on display starting tomorrow at the Chapultepec Zoo.