Hasbulla’s unexpected reaction when asked about Lionel Messi: which club did he become a fan of in Argentina

The presence of Hasbulla in Argentina generated effervescence in the fans: the 20-year-old Russian influencer continued with his media raid for his show in the theater great rex. In this context, the young man who has more than 4 million followers on Instagram has already warned that he is not a football fan: his passion is cars and mixed martial arts, a discipline that allowed him to strike up a friendship with Khabib Numagomedov and fight in the networks with a legend like Conor McGregor.

In an interview with the radio program street dogs (by Urban Play), Hasbulla, who suffers from a disease called achondroplasia, insisted on warning that “I don’t like soccer very much.” And he played a strong card, with which he disoriented the entire studio, including the driver Andy Kusnetzoff. “Who is Messi? Soccer player is he?released the influencer, generating laughter and disbelief.

“The cousin (and manager) laughs,” said the entertainer and journalist when he saw the reactions around him. “Because he is fooling us”, warned the translator, removing the veil from the joke. Two days ago, Hasbu had told Infobae “I know that Argentina is the favorite for this World Cup in Qatar. Hopefully I can meet Messi and Di María”.

His soccer-related tirade continued on C5Nin the program Argentina who drives Jorge Rial. And he backed down on his radio statements that went viral. “I do know him a little bit, I know he is a footballer. I know who Messi is. Also Maradona ”, confirmed the mockery laughing at the questions.

“They gave me a Boca shirt, I liked the gift, so now I’m a fan of Boca”, He surprised with his confession about the colors that captivated him. In this point. Juan Román Riquelme and company were quick to win an ambassador in Makhachkalathe capital of the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

“As people love me a lot here I want to share. I have friends and I really like wine”, she told about the ties with Argentina. He already anticipated that he will pass through Patagonia and participated in the presentation of the 129th Palermo Polo Open, just before the owner between La Natividad and La Irenita.

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