He defends himself! Karla Panini denies romance with drug trafficker

Karla Panini denies romance with drug trafficker


Once again, the name of Karla Panini is tinged with controversy.

And after being “away” from scandals, The comedian is in the news again after journalist Anabel Hernández mentioned it in her book The Ladies of Narcothat the artist maintained a relationship with the deceased head of the cartel, Arturo Beltrán Leyva.

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Through a video that she recorded together with her husband, Américo Garza, Panini assures that he will take legal action, since it is a defamation that he will not let go unnoticed, since according to her, the one who had affairs with the drug trafficker was Karla Luna, her partner from Las Lavanderas to whom Américo was married.

I clarify that I was never in contact with that man, I never knew that man, I never saw him, I never knew about him until Karla Luna herself confessed to me that she had had a relationship with him and that was why, in 2008, Américo had decided to break up with her; I never had contact with him, I didn’t know him,” said Panini, trying to clear his name.

Karla Panini assures that Karla Luna's parents were imprisoned.  Photo: Archives

Apparently, Karla Luna’s family was aware of the extramarital relationship between the now deceased artist and the drug trafficker. Well, Américo Garza himself blamed his ex-brother-in-law for what happened more than 15 years ago.