He did a ‘Pedro Sola’! Wendy Guevara makes the wrong brand and social networks do not forgive her

Wendy Guevara’s embarrassing moment soon went viral on social networks.


Wendy Guevara She was crowned the winner in “The House of the Famous Mexico”, and with it, she took home a million-dollar prize, in addition to becoming a celebrity; however, The influencer has never stopped promoting products...and have embarrassing moments along the way.

The simplicity and the charisma of Wendy Guevarawhose fun talks with his teammates from “Team Infierno” Nicola Porcella, Sergio Mayer and Poncho De Nigris are still fondly remembered, have allowed him to be, now more than ever, in the spotlight, so His public appearances continue to be an event awaited by fans.

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It is not unusual for Wendy Guevara’s moments to go viral on social networks; however, one in particular stood out because he made a mistake that immediately reminded Pedrito Solathe charismatic host of “Ventaneando”, what happened?


It was during a live broadcast with the influencer Adrián Marcelo that Wendy Guevara “went crazy” when talking about her tastes in food and drinksbecause he began by saying that he prefers atmospheric places, like small markets, to expensive restaurants.

“What’s my brand? Dos Equis, and I’m saying Ultra (…) Oh no, I love drinking beer.”

The embarrassing moment of Wendy Guevara It happened when talking about drinks, as she assured that she prefers beer to wines or other more expensive liquors. It was when Adrián Marcelo asked her about her favorite brand that The influencer made a huge mistake… although, yes, with style.

Wendy Guevara revealed her favorite brand of beer, although later She was doubtful and even asked her production team if that was the correct answer.which generated laughter among Internet users.

What is my brand? Dos Equis, and me saying that Ultra (…) Oh no, I love drinking beer, I love Dos Equis more, it’s the one he had,” said Wendy Guevara; however, the mistake had already been made.

The moment was reminiscent of an embarrassing mistake that also had Pedrito Sola when promoting a brand of mayonnaise, which It gave him worldwide fame but it also cost him several thousand pesos for making the wrong mention.. Let’s hope this is not the case for Wendy, who managed to get out of trouble thanks to her sense of humor.