He fears for his life! Santa Fe Klan reveals how it protects itself from bad vibes

The Santa Fe Klan accepted that they are afraid, but boasted about the protections they are given.


Santa Fe Klan enjoys great popularity in the world of rap and trap. His talent has even led him to venture into other genres such as lying down corridos; however, His figure has not been without controversy due to the topics he deals with in his songs.

drugs, violence and gang life are some of the themes that can be heard in the works of the Santa Fe Klan, and although the singer has a large group of fans, criticism of him is also inevitable; It is so that in an interview, the rapper of just 23 years he was honest when he revealed that he does fear for his life, but he was also grateful to his fanswho do not stop expressing their support.


In an interview for Telemundo, Santa Fe Klan accepted that he fears for his life for various reasons; however, he always brings wards that are given to him by his own followers as a token of appreciation for his concern.

The talk, offered as part of the “All or Nothing” tour that the Santa Fe Klan offers in various parts of the United States, addressed various topics, including its hard beginnings and its inspiration; however, one of the most important was when the successful rapper accepted that there are people who want to harm him, but he protects himself.

In a certain part of the interview, the Santa Fe Klan recalled its beginnings in Guanajuato. “I couldn’t go out to the Center, all the neighborhoods always wanted to knock me down, I couldn’t go outI always had to spend it in my house”.

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The rapper accepted, in the same way, that although that stage has passed, he continues to feel fear, although he assures that “I have never done anything wrong, and That’s why sometimes I just ask God to take care of me, And anyway, there are always more people who love me than those who envy us”.

However, the Santa Fe Klan assured that he also protects himself with various amulets that his fans give him at each concert and presumed them: among them, is found a Virgin of Guadalupe, the image of Martín Malverde and another of Santa Muerteall given away.