“He has talent”, this is how Camilo Sesto described his only son almost 15 years ago

Camilo Sesto became one of the most popular Spanish-speaking singers.


Camilo Sesto was one of the most popular Spanish-speaking singers. Iconic Spanish songs, such as “Where you are, with whom you are”, “Forgive me”, “Something about me”, “Never” and “Do you want to be my lover?” They came to top the popularity charts not only in his native country, but also in Latin America. In Mexico, of course, there are still many fans of the singer who remember his musical legacy with special affection.

In addition to his musical facet, Camilo Sesto He monopolized the spotlight as a father, when he managed to obtain custody of Camilo Blanes, “Camilín”, his only legally recognized child and that he had with the Mexican Lourdes Ornelas.

was known to all the enormous love that Camilo Sesto felt for his son and even inherited all his fortune after his death, which occurred in 2019. However, “Camilín” has not ceased to be in the public eye due to his worrying posts on social networks, as well as his sex change that has generated so much controversy.


When “Camilín” was 19 years old, Camilo Sesto offered an interview on the Jaime Bayly Show where he opened up and, openly, He expressed all the affection he felt for his son, whom he had raised from a very young age.

“It is like a drop of water, fresher and more luxuriant than yours truly”

“It’s like a drop of water, fresher and more luxuriant than yours truly,” said Camilo Sesto full of pride. “He has a lot of talent, he is worth a lotHe has good principles, values ​​and ideas”.

“Camilín” shared with his father a taste for music and the stage; it was not uncommon to see them sing together at some concerts. On YouTube you can see Camilo Sesto singing accompanied by the little one, then nine years old. On another occasion, when he was already a 14-year-old teenager, “Camilín” sang classic songs again with his father.