“He lied to me and stole”: Jesus ‘N’, the alleged murderer of Yrma Lydya, speaks from prison

Jesus “N”alleged murderer of the singer Yrma Lydyagranted an interview to Mario A. Salgado Becil, director of Today’s Morelos, inside the prison, where he waits for his legal process to unfold. In it, Hernández “N” exposes his version of the events, and here we present it to you.

How is life in prison? The best way to deal with this situation is to forget about the outside world and imagine that it doesn’t exist… These are confusing and dark days.

Do you think of Yrma Lydya? I don’t know who I married, I don’t know if I was married, I don’t know if it was his name and who he was. I don’t know who she is and, if I talk about the dead woman, it’s trying to find out who she was. I married a girl who, accompanied by her mother and her grandmother, who told me that she was a virgin, that she had never had anyone in her love life, that Carlos Quiñones had been the protector of she, who loved her like a daughter; sometimes we believe what we want to see.

Did you pay for their inclusion in the show Grandiosas? Yes… I did not skimp so that he could fulfill his dream.

Did you know about the concubinage contract with Carlos Quiñones? Of course not; I found out on August 11, 2022 and many more things. I think Carlos and I were victims of love, of loneliness.

Do you use weapons? Yes; I have carried a weapon for 40 years and have never had a problem.

Did Yrma Lydya ask you for a divorce? I was the one who asked for a divorce; I was no longer comfortable with her escapades and her arbitrariness and everything she stole from me and took from the house. My assistant can give you a copy of the divorce petition and it was given to the Public Ministry. It was a situation similar to the robberies mentioned in the lawsuit filed by Carlos Quiñones.

But, you remarried her, for the second time… It’s true. She called me at all hours telling me that she was going to change, that she would correct everything. She had access to my computer and access to some of my accounts; trusted her.

Your intention in giving this interview is to convince public opinion of your innocence or to victimize yourself? My intention is for people to help me discover who the person I was married to was.

Why kill Yrma Lydya? My lawyers won’t let me bring it up; It’s part of an investigation and my defense.

What concept do you have of yrma Lydya’s mother? I don’t know if María Félix Jiménez Pineda was his mother; I don’t know if Yrma Domínguez Jiménez was his grandmother; if Mr. Ramón David Gamboa Gutiérrez, who appeared as his father, was; if he recognized her as her daughter. He was not her father and Yrma Lydya claimed to hate him; I never had the chance to meet him.

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