He received one of the most brutal kicks in the UFC and does not remember the rest of the fight: “It was a terrifying feeling”

One of the most impressive images of last weekend in the world of sports had as its protagonist Tony Fergusonfamous wrestler UFCwho has revealed that he suffered memory loss after receiving a brutal kick to the chin in his knockout loss to Michael Chandler in one of the fights that was part of the UFC 274. The Cucuywho was a fan favorite, gave details of his ordeal.

Fergusonfrom 38 yearswho received a vicious kick to the face during the second round of their lightweight matchup against Chandlerrevealed his feelings during that period of time in which he was lying in the octagon and worried everyone present in the Footprint Center from the city of phoenix (USA).

“I took a big kick to the chin last Saturday inside that octagon. Knocked me out for a long time. It was a scary feeling remember nothing from the start of the second round until I got to the ambulance”, confessed the Cucuy through their social networks.

Tony Ferguson’s face at the time of Michael Chandler’s foot impact.

Fergusonwho was interim lightweight champion, was immediately transported to the hospital for tests. medical controls relevant. His CT scan showed no worrisome damage, although it was not apparent that the blow from Chandler It had affected him quite a bit.

The Arizona Boxing and MMA Commission awarded the Cucuy a medical suspension of 60 days after this terrible defeat for his career. This implies that may not compete or participate in any contact training unless authorized by a physician.

Tony Ferguson
The loss to Chandler was Ferguson’s fourth in a row (@UFC)

The defeat before Chandler It was the fourth consecutive in the career of Tony Fergusonwho had just been defeated in his three previous fights against Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira and Beneil Dariush. In that sense, Dana Whitethe president of UFCsaid at the post-fight press conference that he’d better take some time off.

“He looked great in the first round but the knockout was brutal. What I think needs to happen now is that Tony needs to take some time off. after that KO. I don’t know what’s next for him but it’s not like, ‘My God, Tony was overpowered and he doesn’t seem to belong here.’ Tony was doing fine until he got caught. And you know in this game anyone can get caught with anything”, commented White.

For his part, the Cucuy Ferguson He wrote a long message on social networks where he talked about how he should improve for the future: “I thank God every day that I did the journey back to reality. All jokes aside, I didn’t mean to scare you all, I should have done things differently, like keeping my ‘hands up and chin down’. I have a lot of things to work on, not just compete. One battle at a time. I am not perfect by any means, but I will continue to strive for it in and out of the practice room. My movements are fine, my bones are intact and except for one slight headache in the morningI’m glad to be back and doing what I love. I want to be better than yesterday, not for anyone else but for myself”.


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