He recently resigned from ‘Venga la alegría’ and the producer already boasts a new job with Adamari López

After doing and undoing, hiring dozens of presenters and trying to unseat ‘Hoy’, producer Dio Lluberes resigned from ‘Venga la alegría’ to go to Telemundo.

While TV Azteca’s morning show will have to adapt to the changes and rumors of alleged layoffs in the coming days, its former leader has already gone to Miami to premiere work on ‘today’.

Said Telemundo program has also suffered massive layoffs in recent weeks. Adamari López survived the changes and now worked with the native of the Dominican Republic, who is said to have won Emmy, GLAAD and Telly awards.

In his Instagram stories, he already boasts of the conductors with whom he will work for the United States audience, so Laura G, Anette Cuburu, Crystal Silva and even El Capi Pérez are already part of his past.

The producer will be one of the architects of the changes in the Telemundo morning show, where there was a change of drivers and now, together with Adamari López, he will appear Chiquy BomBom, the former Miss Universe Andrea Meza and Penelope Menchaca.

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