He retired from soccer at the age of 26, won a millionaire prize in the lottery and his reaction went viral

To the former footballer Terry Kennedy, who had to move away from professionalism because of the you injure, life has given him a gigantic surprise. Former player of Sheffield United, retired a few years ago for his knee problems, he heard in a phone call the words that changed his life: he earned a million pounds sterling (USD 1.4 million) on the National lottery In England.

Kennedy had debuted at 17 years at the close of the 2010/11 season, in a match against Swansea city at the Liberty Stadium. At the time The Sabers they militated in the Championship (second division) and they were going through one of the worst moments in their history, since that year they had up to three coaches and they could not avoid a further demotion.

Due to his knee injuries, Terry Kennedy did not manage to have as much filming as Harry maguire, his rear teammate in the lower divisions, who achieved more regularity in the League one and is currently the captain of the Manchester United. Therefore, despite fulfilling his dream, Kennedy made a very different path: he went to the Cambridge United, where he played only two games in a year.

His career was not going well at all, he had only played 30 matches in seven seasons. He tried his luck in more modest clubs of the English ascent like Afreton Town and Harrogate Town, until finally he had to say goodbye to football for the constant physical problems.

One of the last clubs where Terry Kennedy played was the Harrogate Town of the English rise.

These days, with 28 years And now completely away from football, he received the call that changed his life. In fact, in the video that went viral on social networks, it is seen Kennedy dressed in a fireproof vest and hears his coworkers around him. With the pink lottery ticket in hand and unable to believe what was happening, he received the news that he was the winner.

“Terry, are you ready?”the operator asked him. “I just confirmed that you won a million pounds sterling.”they warned him. The sentence was not completed because his companions exploded with excitement while Terry Kennedy she started crying and clutching her face. Images of her happiness quickly spread through social media.


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