“He shot him in the head”: Octavio Ocaña’s father and ex-girlfriend seek justice and talk about the case

Nerea González, who was Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, spoke through a video on her Instagram account about the turn that the investigations into the actor’s death have taken.

Today it was announced that sufficient evidence has emerged during the proceedings to “prosecute those likely responsible for the homicide and various crimes related to the death of Octavio Augusto Pérez Ocaña,” according to information from the family’s lawyers.

In a statement, they indicated that one of the accused policemen, Leopoldo N, has already been arrested and that there is another who is on the run.

In this regard, Octavio Ocaña‘s father said in an interview with El Universal that “there are two, the one they arrested was the one who shot my son in the head, he was shooting at the truck, he is the one who got him down and shot him on the head and raised it again, along with his accomplice who is a fugitive from justice.”

Nerea González agreed with Octavio’s father when pointing out in his Instagram video: “I want to tell you that we always knew who was to blame, we never had to look for him, we never had to… anything, we always knew that it was him and what was fought was show”.

In the statement released today by the lawyers of the Ocaña family, it is explained in what phase of the process the investigations are: “As a result of the culmination of the investigations related to the private expert investigations in ballistics and criminalistics presented last August 15 before the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, as well as the collaboration meetings with high-ranking personnel of said institution, both the State Attorney’s Office and the private representation of the Pérez Ocaña family believe that there are sufficient elements to prosecute those likely responsible ” .

Nerea announced that tonight is the hearing in which it will be decided whether the detainee Leopoldo N remains in preventive detention or if he can continue the process on parole.

“It turns out that the police officer who shot Octavio, because he is surely still denying it, had his first hearing yesterday or in these days but now he can be released on bail. I don’t know how much they think Octavio’s life may be worth, but I believe that not even his life can be enough to replace what was taken from us”.