He spent $3,000 on a photographer for his wedding but he took the worst photos of him

Planning a wedding is a meticulous process, full of details and emotions that intertwine to bring to life one of the most memorable days in a couple’s life.

Among so many aspects, the photographer stands out as the one in charge of immortalizing the magic of this very special event. However, in the UK, the fairy tale turned into a nightmare for Brooke and her husband when they received the photos.

Through a video posted on TikTok under her @anotherbabblingbrook account, Brooke expressed outrage and frustration at how her wedding photo shoot turned into daily crying since she received the final result.

“Do you want to see some of the worst wedding photos I’ve ever seen?” Brooke asked, as she showed images of their first wedding dance that left a lot to be desired.

With irony and sadness, the young bride commented on the poor quality of the photos and explained that the photographer did not respond to phone calls from her husband or her mother-in-law, who are also unhappy with the result.

After investing a hefty $3,000 in this disappointing shoot, the family sought to express their upset and find a solution.

The heartbreaking post quickly caught the attention of the TikTok community, racking up more than 2.6 million views in a matter of hours before Brooke decided to delete the video.

However, their cry for help did not go unnoticed and, along with the views, a wave of solidarity arose among the users of the platform.

Many people shared messages of support and offered to help find a way to make amends and give Brooke and her husband the photographic memories they deserve.

“Wow I’m sorry this happened but this made me realize I need to raise my prices if the ‘pros’ are charging 3k for a wedding”, “Girl, 3000 bucks? Is it a royal wedding or what, that price is crazy even though the photos were the bomb” and “I’m a photographer, if you’d like to do a session with your wedding dress, I’d love to do them for free” were some of the messages.