He sues a woman for sending him to the friendzone and demands 3 million dollars

A Singaporean man sued a woman after she told him she wants to be no more than his friend, and is now demanding $3 million from her.

A man in Singapore is suing a woman for more than 3 million Singapore dollars, or about $2.26 million, after she turned down his romantic advances and friendzoned him.

Kawshigan, the business development manager at AeroLion Technologies, a drone production company, has filed a lawsuit against Nora Tan that will be heard next week, with Kawshigan alleging that the rejection caused her trauma and damaged her “stellar reputation,” according to court documents, The Straits Times reported.

Court documents detail that Kawshigan accused Tan of “allegedly defamatory comments and negligent conduct,” and needs the money to fund “rehabilitation and therapy programs to overcome sustained trauma,” Metro reported.

Kawshigan sued Tan for the equivalent of US$16,624 in January after claiming that she did not hold to an agreement to improve their relationship, reports say.

The trial found that Kawshigan had an “ulterior motive to annoy or oppress the defendant,” according to The Guardian, and that the case was only a “calculated attempt to force Tan to compromise.”

The woman first met Kawshigan in 2016, according to court documents, according to The Guardian. Problems arose in 2020 when her views on the relationship became “misaligned.”

“While Defendant only considered Plaintiff a ‘friend,’ he considered her his ‘closest friend,'” court documents say. She so agreed to counseling sessions that lasted 18 months after Kawshigan threatened legal action.

Although Defendant hoped that the counseling sessions would help Plaintiff come to terms with her decision not to have a romantic relationship with him, this was not the result. Faced with repeated requests and demands for more frequent meetings and deeper talks, the defendant decided in May 2022 to cease all contact with the plaintiff,” the ruling said, according to The Guardian.

Meanwhile, Tan countersued Kawshigan, claiming she had to install a digital door viewer, alarm sensor, and smart video doorbell to keep her safe from his harassment. She said that he kept showing up at her house.

Tan is suing for $363, the cost of this equipment, and another $755 to cover the cost of the counseling, mediation and “healing” sessions Kawshigan asked her to do to repair their relationship, Channel NewsAsia reports.