“He threw things at me”: Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend revealed that she has felt the actor’s spirit

Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo

Almost three weeks after the death of Octavio Ocaña, His fiancee Nerea Godínez has been moved by all the signs of support arisen after the remembered “Benito Rivers” of Neighbors received a bullet impact in the head after a police chase in the State of Mexico.

However, versions of a seer also began to circulate who assured on YouTube that the young fiancée of the late artist could have been a bad influence on him, to which Nerea responded by defending herself and asking him to stop talking about her without knowing her.

On the criticism she’s received for not showing her pain in public, whoever was the actor’s partner has said that he cries in private, meanwhile he has to be strong to continue with his life and in the care of her little son, who she called the late artist “Papa Tavo.”

He further revealed that it has been difficult to deal with haters of social networks, so the possibility of closing his Instagram account has been considered.

Nerea Godínez launches an emotional message in her Instagram story photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo
Nerea Godínez had engaged to marry Ocaña last June photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo

Now, who was the great love of the also actor of the film Love letter by letter revealed that the entire Pérez Ocaña family has experienced paranormal events, so they believe that it is the spirit of the young actor who died at the age of 22.

It was at the unveiling of Octavio Ocaña’s hands in a well-known shopping plaza in Mexico City, where the actor had already captured them as a child, where Nerea revealed that “Benito has been present”:

Yes, it has already been present. He opened doors for me, he threw things at me. It has already been present with all of us, it has already been present“, Said before the cameras of First hand.

On how he has been assimilating the death of Ocaña and the pain of his departure, his girlfriend stressed that they have been very hard times, however has taken refuge with Ana Bertha Ocaña, sister of the actor from Brothers and detectives, with whom he has strengthened ties.

“I am well within my limits, I am trying to continue with my day to day, with my daily activities, I go hand in hand with Bertha a lot, we are in contact all the time, we see each other almost daily, that has helped me a lot ”.

Between television forums and soccer

The young woman recently remembered her boyfriend with some images the sports childhood of the actor. Through his Instagram account, he shared two photographs while he was an infant and played against a child team of the team he was a follower, Cruz Azul: “Always blue“Said the young woman.

Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message for Octavio Ocaña remembering his passion for soccer Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo
Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message for Octavio Ocaña remembering his passion for soccer Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo

The actor left several anecdotes showing a deep love for the most popular sport in Mexico, soccer. It is known that he was a fervent follower of the Cruz AzulHe even had the chance to see the “Cement Machine” become league champion after 23 years of drought.

One of the dreams of “Benito Rivers” was to become a professional footballer with Cruz Azul and, although he failed to fulfill it, he became a third division footballer. The actor had a brief stint at the bottom of the Pachuca, where he shared a team with Diego Lainez, current Betis player from Spain.

La Trinidad, the football team where Octavio Ocaña played, paid a tender tribute
La Trinidad, the soccer team where Octavio Ocaña played, paid a tender tribute (Photo: Instagram / @ berthaocaa)

Ocaña was not selected by the team of his loves, his intention to become a professional footballer did not diminish. In 2015, he managed to join the ranks of Deportivo Gladiadores, soccer club that played its matches in the second division, as part of the New Talent League of the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF). Even, He came to have a record against Liga MX.

This November 15, a match was held in memory of Octavio Ocaña two weeks after his unfortunate death, much of his life after the ball was lived with “The Trinity”, set with which he wore the number 10 shirt and with which he will always be remembered, especially after the gesture they had this Sunday with a tender tribute in his honor.