He was born in Spain, plays for Barcelona, ​​and Pablo Aimar chose him for the Under 15 National Team that is preparing for the South American Championship.

Marcipar interviewed after a game. Since they were children, Barcelona players are trained in all areas with a comprehensive vision

Mateo Sciancalepore (striker of Espanyol de Barcelona) and Felipe Rodríguez-Gentile (Felipinho, born in Brazil, the great promise of Preston, of the Second Division of England), in the Under 17 of Diego Placente. AND Nicolas MarciparBarcelona defender, under the tutelage of Pablo Aimar in the Sub 15, which is preparing for the South American of the category at the end of the year.

The city of Barcelona is the one that sheltered Lionel Messi Back in 2000, when the current best player in the world was just a 13-year-old boy who needed to grow up, today he harbors the dreams of Marcipar, another promising gem, although in another sector of the field.

Javier Marcipar was in his Santa Fe native in 1999 when he decided to try his luck for a study scholarship related to his career: engineering. Young, 28 years old, newly married to Muriel and no childrenupon receiving confirmation that he could continue learning in Europe, did not hesitate and moved to Barcelona, ​​where he began to train in his field and little by little to grow professionally, while discovering the landscapes and virtues of the Old Continent.

In 2001 he formed his own engineering company and began to settle in Spain. Javier dedicated himself to manufacturing inflatable structures for hangars and marketing them to different parts of the world, and it began to do very well. Meanwhile, he never forgot his origins and his family, and together with his wife he often traveled to Santa Fe, the capital. Although his departure was not due to the 2001 crisis, as happened with so many Argentines, they felt comfortable where they were without being entirely clear if the place was “forever.” This was until Muriel became pregnant in 2007 and that is when the environment and the place took advantage. Due to the aforementioned quality of life and day-to-day security, they leaned towards Catalonia to be the place where the babies were born, because there was not one, but two. Twins.

On February 13, 2008, they were born Paula and Nicholasthe protagonist of this story, who could be said to Due to his place of birth he is Catalan, although he is very Argentine. From a very young age, Nico showed that he was adept at sports and began to be passionate about soccer. The genes tatengues of his father had an impact on the one hand, and on the other hand also having grown up in such a football city in which the image of Messi appeared on every corner until his departure to PSG and then move to Inter Miami. With the charm of the ball, the first touches of that little blonde boy made him discover that he was left-handed. And with that skillful foot he began to do his thing in baby soccer.

Nicolas Marcipar
Nicolás can play as a winger but generally plays as a second center back

While Nico Marcipar was beginning to excel with the ball, there was another game he liked: the chess. Already at the age of 5, he stood out and participated in tournaments where his teacher took him to compete with children up to three years older. whom he ended up beating on the board. That practice, perseverance, study and self-confidence would even help him in football.

The Marcipar Idelsohn family that Javier and Muriel formed had a lot of Argentineness. Asados, milanesas, alfajores, dulce de leche and soccer were part of our customs, even though they were 10,000 kilometers away. In Nico’s early years, the chosen neighborhood was Castelldefels, precisely the same area in which Leo Messi has had a residence for more than 15 years, a place with a beach half an hour from the center. But then the four of them moved to Sant Cugat del Vallès, in the upper part of the city. That’s where Nico, at the same time he thought about competing in athleticsbegan to move his left foot in the official championships of the Catalan Federation, with the T-shirt of the FC Sant Cugat Esports. Those first tournaments of the Pre Benjamin Football 7 League showed a blonde, barely 6 years old, who was beginning to attract attention on the left side of the defense.

In “Sancu”, as they call the club, he played 4 seasons; the two from Pre Benjamín and two others from Benjamín. In that last year was when the broad radar of the Barcelona Soccer Club He stated that he had registered the blond left-hander, good height and with a lot of idea to go on the attack, who attracted attention at the age of 9 in a neighborhood 10 kilometers from Camp Nou. That’s how they told his father, Javier, that they had observed him and that they invited him to a three-month trial at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. After these practices, confirmation came that Barca wanted to have him in the 2018/19 season. The club’s idea was to join him and get to know him, but without any promise that his experience would last more than a year. The forms, needs and demands of one of the most important clubs in the world make the message direct to the chosen boys. Nico understood this and accepted the challenge with the support of his parents. From that moment began a stage that He is in his fourth season either playing as a left back or as a second central marker, the position he held the most.

Nicolas Marcipar
Marcipar has a good short pass and a good shot on target, which allowed him to score some goals

Those first years, those of the category called Alevín (for children between 10 and 11 years old), were Nicolás’s first steps with the Blaugrana shirt in Soccer 7, in which he stood out for his very good run on the left side, with a powerful shot that even allowed him to score goals. With Alevín B his team became League champion after winning the derby against Spanish. And with Alevín A, although they led the table, the championship was suspended with the start of the pandemic in March 2020. The cut of youth football and the jump to a higher category, Children (for boys aged 13 and 14), represented a new goal that Nico was able to achieve: playing the season for the first time in Soccer 11 with the Infantil B. The thing is that, as they had already pointed out, each season is a new experience and it may be the last of not meeting the stipulated performance or that the club finds, in another part of the world, through its department of scouting, a better player at the position.

Nico He stands out for his way of driving the ball with his left foot from the back of the court, something he does with comfort and ease. In addition to playing short, he has a good shot to throw balls into space in search of the wingers who usually play for Barca as part of the classic physiognomy of the quarry. As for the brand, in small spaces he improved a lot in recovery and offers various solutions. He also appears powerful in aerial duels, although he still needs to improve his calculation when jumping.

But beyond footballMarcipar is a boy with character, very responsible, grateful for where he is. Respectful of his teammates and his coach, whom he always listens to. He watches his games on video because he wants to improve, and analyzes his plays and those of his team. He talks a lot on the field with his teammates, even though he may seem somewhat introverted on a day-to-day basis.

Nicolas Marcipar
He drives well from the bottom and has an interesting punch

As for the players he watches the most in his position, they are Gerard Piqué, Clement Lenglet and Jordi Alba, since he is also considered a winger although he is more established as a left central defender. And as for the Argentines, he always followed Nicolás Otamendi.

If someone wonders if he is more Catalan than Argentine, the answer is in every game that Lionel Mess’s team plays. Nico does not hesitate and wears the albiceleste shirt. In fact, since he was born, his parents managed his Argentine nationality and passport. Marcipar was in the registry of players in Europe of Argentine origin that the AFA has in the International Scouting Department, who leads Juan Martin Tassi. He had already set foot on the Ezeiza property in July of last year. And he can have his formal debut with the Albiceleste in the Sudamericano, if a world champion like Pablo Aimar chooses him for the final roster.