Heading to the Ariel Awards 2023: The directors and films that aspire to win

Its the first time, in more than 60 years, that women practically dominate the specialty and all with different stories. Of them three They are Mexican and one is Argentine, but who has had a special relationship with the country for more than a decade.

Management is the area that is responsible not only tell a script in imagesbut rather finding the right cast and making it work; choose the locations that best help you tell the story and together with the photographer, agree on the required visual look, among other things.

The first on the list, in strict alphabetical order, It is Natalia Beristáin that arrives with “Noise”, a film that addresses the topic of searching mothers. It is his second nomination in the category, after In 2018 he was there for “Los adioses”.

Natalia says that at first she didn’t feel ready to direct a drama that in some way goes through all Mexicans. But one day she decided enter with everything into writing the work, for whom he always thought of his mother, the actress Julieta Egurrola, as the star.

Michelle Garza Cervera It is the debutant of the category. “Bone”, nestled in the horror genre, It is his debut film and the most nominated, with 17 possibilities. Since she was a child she realized that she liked stories. that made people jump because, in addition, it is a good way to show great truths, in this case the fears of being a mother. This weekend he is also looking for the Screenplay award.

Alejandra Marquez Abella is for his work in “The north over the void”, in whose realization he always had in mind the issue of what It is everyone’s land and how to defend it. He put his female co-star in Paloma Petra, to show the strength of women in violent events. For this delivery it is also considered in the categories of Best Film and Screenplay.

And Lucía Puenzo in South America that since 2009, when it was part of “It Happened in a Day”, filmed in Cancún, has had a Mexican relationship, the most recent with “The Fall”, film that gave him this nomination. She is also the director from the series “Miss 89”.

The only man considered on this occasion is Alejandro González Iñárritu with “Bardo, false chronicle of a few truths”, with which he returned to Mexico after almost two decades filming abroad. In 2001 he won the Ariel for Best Director for “Amores Perros”.

Whoever wins the category It doesn’t mean that your film also wins the Best Picture award, so there could be a different result between the two, although there are the same productions.

Films competing for the Ariel

This is the highest category of any film awards ceremony. It doesn’t matter your genre, although fantasy, comedy and horror are rarely considered or succeed.

It is the nomination that recognizes the balance among all the elements that make it up: acting, direction, photography, production design, costumes and makeup, special and visual effects.

Therefore, sometimes, the winner could have taken the prize of just some of the categories mentioned above, but together they achieved harmony in which none stands out and are for the benefit of history.

Tonight there is something to choose from: a story with biographical overtones (“Bard, false chronicle of a few truths”)three others based on real events (“The North Over the Void”, “The Fall” and “The Civil”) and the latest horror (“Huesera”).

“Bardo”, directed by Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárrituis the story of a documentary filmmaker settled in the US who decides to accept an award in Mexico, his native country. Prior to the delivery, he takes a tour of the history of his land, such as the assault on Chapultepec Castle. It premiered at the film festival of Venice last year, although it was later adjusted in time. He got Netflix to agree to put it in theaters, before their platform.

“The North Over the Void”, by Alejandra Márquez Abella, takes up the story of a man who defended his ranch from a group of alleged drug traffickers. In real life this character managed to kill some of his attackers, only him alone. This film helped to see the importance of one’s own land, for anyone. It didn’t go through commercial theaters, it came directly to Prime Video.