Health problems prevent NCT 127’s Haechan from performing on tour

  • NCT 127 member Haechan was forced to miss the concert in Japan due to health problems

K-pop group NCT 127 has caused great excitement with the announcement of their ‘Neo City: Japan – The Unity’ tour. The concert series promises to be a memorable event for Korean music fans in Japan. However, recent news about the health of one of its members, Haechan, has caused concern among its followers.

SM Entertainment, the agency behind NCT 127, issued a statement on Sunday, January 7, reporting on Haechan’s health status. According to the statement, Haechan will not be able to perform at the third concert of the tour, scheduled for that same day at the Vantelin Dome in Nagoya, due to a high fever and body aches.

This news has caused great disappointment among fans, who were hoping to see all the members of the group on stage.

The agency also announced the cancellation of Haechan’s participation in the meet & greet that was going to take place on the same day. SM Entertainment has expressed that Haechan’s health is her main concern and that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure her recovery.