Héctor Parra case: Today the future of the actor, accused of alleged sexual abuse, is resolved

Héctor Parra will finally know this Thursday, May 11, if he is guilty or innocent for the charges brought against him for an alleged sexual abuse of his daughter Alexa Hoffman, revealed his lawyer Samara Avila.

In an interview with the media last night, expressed that they took the closing arguments for which both parties expressed why they do not want that he continues to be deprived of his freedom and on the contrary, Why does he deserve an acquittal?

During this day, evidence of the defending and the Prosecutor’s Office explained the legal expert on the outskirts of the Reclusorio Oriente in Mexico City.

“He had a chance to speak at the end with your honor too, points I wanted I didn’t want to leave them know and see, of its truth, of its timeof their circumstances due to the alleged victim.

“Tomorrow we have the final resolution, obviously we are positive, tomorrow we have an appointment with your honor at 6:00 p.m. right here and obviously positive and we are going for the acquittal”, said the lawyer.

Ávila said he was optimistic, but can’t be happy in a situation so strong against someone that for your consideration, of the entire study from the test folder, It seems that he is innocent something you have always believed.

He reiterated that this Thursday will be the final ruling, although there may be a resource of appeal and an amparo trial, in case of no.

The possibility that Héctor Parra will be released from prison today

When asked if today the judge rules that Héctor Parra is innocent and if today I could get out, he replied.

“We have a procedure here, that due to time issues, appeals from the opposing party, for issues of affairs, I’m going to reserve the information so that we have news according to the event that is advancing”.

In other words, the lawyer informed that in case it is found not guilty commonly has to bewait to see if the other party appeals and in that strict point it would be a few days nothing more that would have to wait.

How is Hector right now?

His lawyer said that Hector is calm and that he was now happy with the closing arguments, so she was attentive to them to find out that they did not miss any detail or any phrase that he would like to toast as well.

He also used his voice to make his lordship see points that as a father, as a direct person he lived ”.

How did the judge receive the expert reports, what was his evaluation?

He added that it will be this Thursday When the evaluation is released of the judge by the expert opinions, yesterday he heard why yes and why not take into account the evidence provided by the defense and by the Prosecutor’s Office.

We do not want it to give approval value to those of the Prosecutor’s Office for inconsistencies, times, dates, places, everything we refer to and at the same time that those of the defense are valid, we are going to wait”.

Optimism in the Héctor Parra case

Unlike the last time he arrived at the prison, now the lawyer she was very happy with the idea that your case will win.

“At the end of the day all business comes to an end, today we are calm because we were heard with each and every one of the allegations that we loved him get to see his ladyship why he did not commit each of the assumptions sexual abusewe were heard and that keeps us positive.

So far, Parra has not said if he wants to speak to the press.however he is grateful with the journalists who are watching the case.

How long will the resolution take?

“I don’t know how to tell you, depends on the schedule of your honor, likewise the hearings are programmed, but we depend on what we are entering on time to the room and to do us a favor to give the information.

“The accusing party at all times object, they have their right, just like us when we Mr. Parra or his servant is pouring the information, you can comment to the contrary and in the same way the use of the voice is made.

The lawyer disclosed that in case tomorrow he was sentenced as guilty there would be a last audience called: individualization of sanctions and damage reparation.