Helena Rojo’s latest film is on Netflix and will envelop you with its comical mystery plot, which one is it?

Helena Rojo acted in more than 40 films throughout her life.


Helena Rojo died this February 3 At 79 years old, leaving behind an extensive career of more than 60 years as a film and television actress, what was your last film and what is it about?

Helena Rojo’s career began in the 70’s and, from there, the Mexican actress managed to establish himself as one of the main figures in the world of entertainment in the country, participating in more than 30 TV soapsas well as in 45 films.

The last:

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As to Helena Rojo’s last filmis about Invitation to murdera Netflix production that It was released in 2023 and had a brief participation by the first actresswhich makes it an excellent option to remember your legacy.

¿What is it about Invitation to murder and who stars in this Netflix moviebesides Helena Rojo?


In Invitation to murdercomedy mystery film directed by José Manuel Cravioto, Elena Rojo played “Doña Cristina”, a housekeeper suspected of having committed a terrible crimeand shared a cast with famous artists such as Regina Blandón, Manolo Cardona, Pedro Damián and Maribel Verdú.

What is it about Invitation to murder and where can you see it? The movie is available on Netflix; Below, we leave you the official review of Helena Rojo’s latest work provided by the streaming platform, we are sure that she will catch you!

“Olivia, an eccentric millionaire, sends a mysterious invitation to Ágatha, her half-sister, and a group of old acquaintances to spend a weekend on her yacht. Once reunited, they discover that the invitation is really to celebrate… a murder? Surprised by an unexpected death, Ágatha tries to decipher – with the help of a rookie police officer – whether it is a simple accident or an elaborate revenge plan.. “They are all suspects,” she reads.

With a script by Anton Goenechea based on the novel by Carmen Posadas, Invitation to murder It is a good option for remember the great interpretive ability of Helena Rojo.


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