Help Anette Cuburu for making Pedrito Sola “ugly”: VIDEO

Help Anette Cuburu for making Pedrito Sola “ugly”: VIDEO


In the war that has Anette Cuburu with Andrea LegarretaInternet users have taken on the task of removing the seams of both personalities from the artistic medium.

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Now it is Anette Cuburu who is in the eye of the hurricane and is the center of criticism for the alleged way in which she would have treated the host of Ventaneando Pedrito Sola.

The former host of Venga la Alegría was invited to the Azteca Uno show program to talk about the play “Hijas de su madre”, in which she participates and it was on that visit where the controversy broke out.

In videos that circulate on social networks you can see how Anette arrives happily on set and greets smiling Mónica Castañeda, Daniel Bisogno, Rosario Murrieta and Linet Puente, but when she passes by Pedrito Sola, she avoids him.

Internet users immediately reproached the act of Anette Cuburu, whom they called “rude” and it was presumed that she had some old enmity with Pedrito Sola.

The images show how at no time did the host have the intention of greeting and sharing with the Ventaneando presenter.