“He’s a poor naquito”: Alfredo Adame explodes against Gustavo A. Infante and blames his tarot business

One of the favorite phrases Alfredo Adame it is that what he does not care about he sends “to the drawer of unimportant matters”, and in that file there is also the criminal complaint that he filed against him Gustavo Adolfo Infante for the crimes of gender violence, media violence and extortion.

In an interview with ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, the actor assured that everything the communicator says about him is false, and He branded him an alcoholic and a drug addict. “He said that I have links with drug trafficking, that I have a Nigerian child trafficking network, that I sell weapons and I don’t know how many things. I think that alcoholism and drug addiction are already doing him a lot of damage. I don’t care about the charges (against him).”

As if that were not enough, he assured thatand Infante’s mother “was a black witch, she gave them peyote and mushrooms in a pigsty; that the sister passed you the black egg and this wimp, Gustavo, took money from their wallets and all that stuff, I have someone to tell it, I’m just saying what they told me. That she is 85 years old does not take away from the fact that she has been a black witch, that she has stolen people and that she has been the other thing that she was.

“I don’t have to prove anything. The one who laughs gets along. The one with a black past isn’t me, it’s you. (Gustavo) is a poor imbecile, he is a poor naquito, that’s what he is.”

But Gustavo Adolfo denied that he accused Adame of everything he said: “That’s not true. He is the one who says he has ties to drug trafficking. He has told me that he is a friend of Rafael Caro Quintero’s daughter and he is showing off his planes. There are recordings where he says that if you give him a million dollars and he launders your money. I have never said it, that he sells weapons, the only thing I maintain is that Alfredo Adame is armed, with a pistol on the belt and with knives”.

“To be clear, I am suing Alfredo Adame for three crimes. I have the recordings and videos where Alfredo Adame offers money to people on social networks so that they say they are my lovers and take pictures of me, he offered them 5 thousand dollars. I do want Alfredo Adame to stop damaging society.

Infante rejected that he is afraid that the driver will hurt him with blows: “Alfredo Adame no, not with bare hands, we already saw how he fights. But he is a man who is armed and deceives all the people. I am afraid that Alfredo One day Adame is going to give me a bullet.

He insisted that three possible futures await Adame: “Either he ends up in jail, a psychiatric hospital, or he ends up dead. He is a person who is really bad. He is dangerous and mentally unbalanced.”

And as he assured that his mother was a black witch, Gustavo admitted that he had a tarot reading business: “I had a tarot reading business. When I started radio I had a tarot reader named Jose Luis and I started a business with him. That tarot reading business was attended by my mother and my sister, worse than that to black witch, black egg, hallucinogenic mushrooms and stealing from people, there is a difference”.