Hint to Michelle? Danilo Carrera has already found a princess: “I thought they didn’t exist”

Of that immense love that he said he felt for michelle renaud only the memory remains. Now that the actress shouts from the four winds to have found in Matias Novoa The perfect man, Danilo Carrera tells us that he is also in a relationship and that it makes him happy to see the fullness of the actress from afar, because they are not followed on social networks.

“I love that she has found a person with whom she shares the same goals, I wish her and her family a lot of love. I still love your child very much, the love you have for someone so pure and so noble never ends”, affirms the Ecuadorian during the presentation of the cast of the telenovela El amor invincible, in which he stars with Angelique Boyer under the production of Juan Osorio .

Despite the fact that the artist got along wonderfully with the son that Michelle had with her ex-husband, Josué Alvarado, the break also affected that affective bond: “There is no longer a coexistence with Marcelo, we have no relationship, but I have always said it , if one day there is a rapprochement, he will have all my love, all my support, as always. When asked what he feels when images of Michelle’s recent love affair with Cabo’s leading man are broadcast in the media, Danilo assures that he doesn’t feel cold or hot.

“I don’t feel anything, but I am very happy that she says it, that she is at that moment, I can only wish her the best, what can I tell you? I am not the one to give an opinion, I hope she is doing amazing and that she is the happiest woman in the world ”.


Regarding marriage and the steps that must be taken before consolidating a relationship, Danilo says: “I believe that you have to go step by step, you do have to get to know each other, make a formal commitment, ask the girl for her hand, give her the ring , put a date on the marriage, move in with her and then start a life as a couple. I do believe in that and that is what I am going to do, that will be my life process. When you find a woman who has the same values ​​as you, well everything flows”.

But, has he already found that ideal woman he talks about so much? This is how he answers: “I may have found her, but I can’t say anything. I said that I did not want to give details of my relationships, it is something that you are learning, because making a relationship public that should be private brings many problems. It’s that in the end everyone wants to have an opinion, wants to talk, when things end it’s painful, that’s why right now that we’re in a relationship I don’t want to go through the same thing.” After Michelle Renaud, Danilo was looking for a princess and it seems his wish was granted. “I thought they didn’t exist, so I’m happy because I found it. I am very much in love with her, and she has nothing to do with the environment ”, is the little that he reveals about her new conquest.

At the time, Renaud expressed that the reasons for their separation were due to Carrera’s lack of commitment to having a family. However, a year and a half later, the actor feels that his priorities have changed and that having children no longer makes noise for him.

“It’s been a long time, it’s until another life, I already wrote a novel when I was single, there are many trips involved, new experiences, learning with new colleagues, new protagonists, I learned a lot with Ariadne Díaz, for example, in Overcoming Absence. You learn so much in six months, imagine in a year. You are standing in a different place where you say: ‘Here I want to have another type of experience’, then you go and jump headlong, you comply with all the steps and that is what I am living now”.

In his opinion, everything he has experienced in this period of time has transformed his being. “These are experiences that we add up in life, before I did not understand that I had to go through a certain situation to learn. I’m not talking about a specific relationship, I’m talking about my life process, I learn things from certain people to get to the moment I’m in right now. And the truth is that I would live everything exactly the same”.

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