His relationship with Hamilton, the kilos he gained during the holidays and Mercedes’ pressure on the FIA: Verstappen’s reflections

Verstappen with No. 1 painted on his Red Bull (REUTERS / Albert Gea) (ALBERT GEA /)

Max Verstappen became one of the great winners in world sport in 2021. In a definition as captivating as it is controversial, the pilot of Red Bull He took the title out of the hands of Lewis Hamilton, who was leader of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix when there was one lap to go in the race that defined the Formula 1.

Now, in the run-up to the 2022 season, with the regulation changes included in the cars, a decision that will seek greater parity in the category, the Dutch driver will still be one of the candidates to keep the F1 throne. A couple of weeks after the start of official activity in Bahrain, Verstappen spoke about how he experienced the championship that he achieved against Mercedes and about his relationship with the Briton.

“No. There is no reason to do it. We haven’t seen each other since just after the end of the race. It’s fine. We are runners and we keep going”answered the driver who will have No. 1 painted on the nose of his Red Bull when asked if he had been in contact with Hamilton during his vacation.

You win a championship during the season, right? Not for the last lap. Some people only watch that race because of the tension that builds up around it and think that the result was wrong, ”he said in relation to what was the definition on the circuit. yas marina and he threw a hint for his staunchest rival in Formula 1.

“But if you look at the year, the title would normally have been decided much sooner. It’s just that I was taken out twice and I was unlucky with tire punctures. It all came down to the last race because of all that disgrace. And look at the statistics. That usually gives you an idea of ​​how the season was, “added Max in dialogue with the Daily Mail.

A postcard from the podium with Verstappen world champion and Hamilton second in Abu Dhabi (REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed/File Photo)
A postcard from the podium with Verstappen world champion and Hamilton second in Abu Dhabi (REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed / File Photo) (HAMAD I MOHAMMED /)

When asked about if he felt sorry for Hamilton for how the decisive race was defined with the income of Safety CarVerstappen was blunt: “I can understand how Abu Dhabi developed, that I was upset and not happy about it, but, as I say, you have to look at the championship in general,” he repeated.

“It was a crazy and epic season. I don’t care if people try to take the shine off it. It does not matter. The losing side will always complain, but the winning side thinks otherwise.”added in his analysis about a year he will never forget.

On the other hand, the Red Bull runner told in the interview with the British media that he was on vacation with his girlfriend, the Brazilian kelly picket, daughter of three-time world champion Nelson, and who gained weight during the break. “I don’t mind enjoying the food, but you look at yourself in the mirror… I put on three or four kilos, less than usual actually during the winter. But you still see the difference in your body. When you’ve been a shape your whole life growing up, it’s weird and you know it’s time to start over, to train twice a day,” she explained.

Another topic Verstappen touched on was the controversial departure of Michael Masi, the race director that the FIA ​​separated from his position after the last test in Abu Dhabi and his role in said definition. And he again pointed against Mercedes for the departure of one of the strong faces of the category in recent times.

What happened to Michael is very unfair. The FIA ​​was pressed to make a decision. I wrote him a message about it, ”said the Red Bull driver. “I said we didn’t always agree on everything, but that’s racing. We always wanted to improve the sport as a whole. Nobody is perfect, but what was always raised was that we needed to compete. We needed that mentality and he had it.”


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