Historic deal for US women’s soccer: multi-million dollar payment and equal pay deal

The United States women’s team managed to pay a millionaire sum in back wages (Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports) (Orlando Ramirez/)

An unprecedented agreement for women’s football was confirmed in the last few hours. US Soccerthe United States soccer federation, agreed to pay about 24 million dollars in back wages and that in the next collective agreement both teams, the men’s and women’s, have equal pay.

Under the terms of the agreement, the New York Timesa group made up of several dozen current and former players from the women’s team, will share those payments, which Most of that figure is wages that were owed to them and that were part of an arrangement to compensate for the inequality between both national groups..

The deal is contingent on the ratification of a new contract between the United States Soccer Federation and the women’s team’s players’ union. Once that is done, all remaining claims will be resolved in the lawsuit for gender discrimination that the players filed in 2019.

It must be remembered that on March 8 of that year, a day that is commemorated throughout the world as Women’s Day, the then members of the team sued their federation for gender discrimination in the run-up to the Senior World Cup that was played in France. At the forefront of the decision were the figures of the women’s team Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloydamong other stars of the national team.

The women's team became world champions in 2019 (JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)
The women’s team became world champion in 2019 (JOHANNES EISELE / AFP / Getty Images) (JOHANNES EISELE /)

It is important to remember that in 2020, the demands for equal pay that had been promoted by the players of the United States team had been dismissed by a judge. Faced with this scenario, US Soccer’s decision means a ratification of the measure that the entity had already established in September 2021, when through a statement it had announced that the federation was going to offer identical contracts to both national teams of soccer.

“We firmly believe that the best way forward for all involved and for the future of this sport in the United States is a single payment structure for both national teams,” said the US Federation in its report.

“This proposal will allow the members of the women’s and men’s team to continue to be among the best paid in the world, providing a revenue-sharing structure that allows the parties to start anew and collectively share the opportunity that this combined investment will generate in the future. for American soccer with the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement,” added the US Soccer brief.

In exchange for payment and a commitment to equal pay in future contracts with their two featured teams, the players have agreed to release the federation from all remaining claims in the team’s gender discrimination lawsuit.

In the negotiations, which have already begun between the male and female soccer players, in which the federation seeks to establish a single working agreement, the men’s players’ association will have to agree to share millions of dollars in possible FIFA World Cup payments, the governing body of world football. Those payments, set by the body that governs soccer’s destinations, and which are exponentially higher for the men’s World Cup than for the same level women’s tournament, are at the heart of the equal pay gap to close the deal.

Now, the national team that became world champion four times, the inaugural edition of 1991 in China, at home in 1999, in Canada 2015 and in the last edition of 2019, has one more reason to celebrate in his fight for equality on the sport.

Megan Rapinoe, one of the faces of the fight for equality pursued by the US women's team (EFE)
Megan Rapinoe, one of the faces of the fight for equality pursued by the US women’s team (EFE) (YOAN VALAT/)


The United States Soccer Federation will offer identical contracts to the men’s and women’s teams

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