Historic evening for women’s boxing: Katie Taylor defeated Amanda Serrano in a controversial match at Madison Square Garden

the irish Katie Taylor defeated this Saturday the Puerto Rican Amanda Serrano by split decisionretaining her world title of lightweight champion, in a fight that will go down in history as the first in which two female boxers topped the box office at the legendary Madison Square Garden from New York.

Two judges awarded the victory to Taylor (96-93 and 97-93) against only one to Serrano (96-94), at the close of a very tight and controversial fight in an electrifying atmosphere for this unprecedented confrontation.

It is Taylor’s twenty-first (21) career win in as many bouts, making retains his four belts in light weights. she is champion WBA since 2017, IBF since 2018 and WBC Y WBO since 2019.

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano met at Madison Square Garden (Shutterstock)

The result of the fight will probably disappoint Serrano, who seemed to be taking the ascendant in the fifth round, showing more aggressiveness and leaving his rival very beaten when the buzzer sounded. “He had to go far away” for my last resources, Taylor said after the fight. “I knew I would be on the ropes at some point. She’s a phenomenal fighter, a really formidable person.”

But Taylor, gold medal at the 2021 Olympicsmaintained quicker footwork that allowed her to make a difference by slipping punches and countering with skill, showing herself to be particularly powerful in the eighth round.

In the fifth, however, the irish was wobbly and with a bloody face. Despite this, she managed to resist. The tenth round saw them fight hand-to-hand to the applause of the publicexchanging punches in the center of the ring until the last bell rang, before embracing at the end of the fight.

Serrano thus suffered the second defeat in his career (45 fights, 42 wins, 30 by KO, one draw), despite the fact that she remained undefeated since 2012.

Taylor retained the title against Serrano
The Irish retained all four titles in her division (Shutterstock)

The combat lived up to expectations, in a full Madison Square Garden with 19,187 spectators. The two boxers gave everything, hitting each other back without ever achieving a clear advantage over their rival.

“It was an absolute war for ten rounds. I am very grateful to be in such a situation and to fill Madison Square Garden”, congratulated Taylor. “We are both winners. We broke down so many barriers to get here,” he added.

“Women can sell and we can fight. We have put on a tremendous show. Katie is a great champion. She is still undefeated. I’m really honored to share the ring with her,” Serrano said after the fight, as discussions about a rematch began. “Let’s do it again, Amanda,” Taylor suggested after the match. “As you wish,” Serrano responded.

The fight organizers said that it would be the most significant in the history of women’s boxing. It can certainly be considered among the best. The audience ended up on their feet and screaming. “People will absolutely talk about me and Amanda Serrano for years to come”Taylor predicted.

The promoter of the winner suggested that the eventual rematch will be played in Irelandwhere the boxer has never fought as a professional.


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