History repeats itself: Geraldine Bazán, as well as her mother Dona Rosalba, is behind her daughter’s career

In 1994, the girl Geraldine Bazán auditioned for the Televisa Actoral Education Center. Since then, behind her desire to be an actress was the support of her mother, Mrs. Rosalba, who later became its best promoter and representative.

25 years later, Geraldine has confessed that she is a “mother hen” and that she has walked away from acting to support her daughter’s career Elissa marie. History repeats itself.

Geraldine and Elissa Marie Elissa Marie, in ‘If they let us’

As a child actress, Bazan He had appearances in four Televisa productions: ‘Wild heart’, ‘Looking for paradise’, ‘María la del barrio’, ‘Teresa’ and ‘My little mischief’.

Similarly, his daughter Elissa, at just 11 years old, began her acting career in 2020 and now acts as Sofia in ‘If we are left’, starring Alexis Ayala, Mayrín Villanueva and Marcus ornellas, and that is transmitted by Las Estrellas.

Elissa Marie, in ‘If they let us’

In the case of GeraldineIt must be remembered that as of 1999 he began to work on youth productions. With the one that gained the most popularity was with ‘Como en el cine’, in which she is part of a group of friends who study at an elite boarding school. By that time, her mother Rosalba is already in charge of managing Geraldine’s public relations.

Profession of Rosalba It is the legal profession but as her daughter Geraldine’s career grew, she also began to appear in premieres and red carpets. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Bazán has worked for telenovelas from Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

One difference from Geraldine’s story is that in Elissa’s case, she receives support not only from her mother, but also from her father. Gabriel Soto.