Hits and insults in the middle of Luis R. Conriquez’s concert, what happened and how did the fight occur?

Luis R. Conriquez became a trend after an altercation that occurred at La Feria de Pachuca 2023.

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The singer Luis R. Conriquez was positioned for several hours among the trends of the day due to a controversial event that occurred during a concert he offered at La Feria de Pachuca 2023 and that even caused the singer to stop his presentation for a few minutes.

In September, the interpreter of corridos had already been a cause for concern after two men tried to force him off the stage during a showwhich sparked speculation about his alleged links with criminals, although it was later clarified that this action It was something performed as part of the show.

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It was this Thursday, October 19, that Luis R. Conriquez was once again the subject of criticism after his fans They will exchange blows and insults during his most recent concert; various photos and videos viralized On social networks they showed how this strong brawl occurred.


Through several videos uploaded to platforms such as TikTok, you can see the moment when Several security elements try to separate several attendees at the Luis R. Conriquez concert They began to exchange blows and insults.

Even, Luis R. Conriquez stopped his presentation for a few moments when he realized the brawl and gave them a brief message: “Behave well, my dad,” resuming his concert moments later.


Luis R. Conriquez stopped his concert at the Palenque in #Pachuca for a few minutes due to a conflict between some attendees #palenque #luisrconriquez #luisrconriquezoficial

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Howeverthe attacks among the public continued, so the singer decided to be firmer with his fans: “Let’s calm down people, the same thing as last year is going to happen and we are going to leave very sad. I’m going to the bathroom and if they’re not fighting when I get back we’ll follow him,” he told them.

Indeed, moments later the artist returned to the stage, again scolding the audience who had not yet completely calmed down: Has the storm calmed down or what? We give it a go. Go home and say goodbye…”“


Fight!!! in palenque Pachuca Luis R Conriquez

♬ original sound – Flaquita Esquivel

Although the brawl continued, although with less intensity, Luis R. Conriquez He decided to continue with his show. Song after song, the fans calmed down and the concert It ended normally.

Criticism did not take long to appear, and several Internet users considered that this behavior was due to the violent lyrics of the songs.