Horror in China: they found a woman living chained to a wall

Images posted on the Douyin video-sharing site by a man who was surprised to find the woman locked in the building full of garbage in a village in the province of Jiangsu, in the east of the country.

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral and shock everyone. There, standing in very cold weather, a The woman was chained to a concrete wall by the neck and appeared dazed as she struggled to speak coherently.

A video was later released of the man who had apparently locked the woman up. When a little boy stood by his side, the man said the woman had several children with him, some of which were featured in the video.

“Other people looked down on her” she said, explaining why her family had taken her in.

Facing the wave of speculation, local authorities in Feng County decided to release data on the case. As reported, the woman was a beggar and had married the man in 1998. The subject had also uploaded videos to Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, along with his eight children, but in none of the recordings did the woman appear, or traces of a confinement condition against her will.

The deplorable conditions where the woman lived

They said that after the birth of the couple’s second child, family planning officials had implemented birth control measures that proved ineffective. Psychiatric experts who examined the woman diagnosed with schizophreniaauthorities said.

However, outrage over the situation and calls for local authorities to assume greater responsibility are repeated. “He is a person, not an object. After having eight children for 20 years, we only found her today? None of the government departments and judicial bodies involved are innocent,” one user wrote.

The authorities have removed many posts that discussed human trafficking and have censored a key phrase from the topic “The Eight Children of Xuzhou”. But the theme of the authorities’ response remained, with users reacting negatively to local officials.

Mental health and sexual consent are less discussed topics in China‘s vast rural regions, where female infanticide has distorted the gender balance, causing men to outnumber women across the country.

The woman is now in the care of a hospital, and her children are in state care. Officials are also investigating the man, who is not facing criminal charges. Many outraged commentators have accused him of human trafficking, but the Feng region’s government said there was no evidence to back up those claims.


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