Horror in Pakistan: a man was arrested while digging a grave after murdering his wife

Pakistani police arrived at a cemetery in Lahora after a gravedigger called who observed the suspect digging a grave (Europa Press/Contact/PPI) (Europa Press/Contact/PPI/)

A Pakistani man was arrested in the city of Lahore, in the east of the country, accused of murdering his wife, a US national, after being surprised by the police next to the body digging a grave in the middle of the night.

Kazim Kamal Khan confessed on Saturday to the murder of Diana Christo Khanaccording to what was announced this Tuesday by the police.

“We received a call from a gravedigger about a man who came to the cemetery and was trying to bury a body without a shroud or funeral rite,” he told the news agency. AFP the arresting officer, Muhamad Nadim.

“When we arrived, we saw that the body was completely uncovered and we found it suspicious,” he added.

A spokesman for the US State Department confirmed the death of a US citizen in Lahore.

“We are in contact with the family and we will provide them with all the necessary consular assistance,” said US diplomacy.

Kazim Kamal Khan was expelled from the United States after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and he was estranged from his wife and daughter, who remained on US soil, police said.

Recently, he lured his wife to Pakistan by pretending to be seriously ill, according to the same source.

Diana Christo Khan’s body presented a visible head wound and bruises on the neckaccording to the police report.

The autopsy is expected to reveal the exact causes of death.

(With information from AFP)

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