Hosts of “De Primera Mano” criticize Paulina Rubio for responding “reluctantly”

In the words of Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the singer would have been annoyed because he mentioned her age, so her companions did not miss the opportunity and launched themselves against Rubio

Paulina Rubio visited Mexico after spending time away from the media, so she did a “tour” between various forums and also gave interviews to different journalists, including Gustavo Adolfo Infante, with whom she apparently got upset.

The driver has broadcast in parts the interview he did with the singer and this Thursday he revealed details of what he talked to her about the death of her mother, however, the driver thought of mentioning the singer’s age and apparently this it made her angry.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante questioned Paulina Rubio about her tour with Alejandra Guzmán after the alleged enmity they had and about how they achieved chemistry on stage, but then asked her if she thought she could have another collaboration with more artists.

Although it was in the words of Infante himself that he confessed to having seen Paulina Rubio somewhat serious, which related to the fatigue of all the interviews that La Chica Dorada had already given, or, to the comment he made about her age.

“Paulina was, I think, very serious, I don’t know if she was tired, or rather in one day she gave many interviews to different media… she is a star and I think she does treat -in her star category- like that to people… I think Paulina may not have liked it very much when I told her: “You are 52 years old,” revealed Infante.

Érika justified the attitude by pointing out that the singer had already spoken all day with different media about her mother and that perhaps had “lowered” her emotionally. “I think I felt that she was very sensitive about the issue of her mother, which she spoke about repeatedly, I think that can also turn you off,” said Érika González.

However, Tuñón launched against the singer and disapproved of her attitude because she said that she was going to promote her new song, but with these ways of responding, she had not achieved the task.

«You have a point Érika but in effect, she came to give interviews, to promote her topic and it was evident that she was going to get tired, it was evident that she knew, it is not the first time -in effect- and unfortunately although she does not like to talk about years he knows what he was coming for and I don’t think he has succeeded, at least with that attitude… you have to come in good spirits even if your heart is as it is, “said Addis Tuñón.
Lalo Carrillo agreed with Tuñón and emphasized that what should matter to Paulina Rubio is that she looks amazing at her age, and that she should not be ashamed because she is “an old sea lion” with a lot of experience on stage.