Hosts of the Hoy program fight each other live, this is how the strong fight was

  • The exact moment was recorded and broadcast completely live

Moments of tension were experienced in the recent broadcast of the «Today program» after two of the most beloved drivers got into a strong fight that generated uncertainty among their colleagues and millions of viewers.

It was in the program this Tuesday, September 19, when the famous hosts of the Televisa morning news They lost their posture and began to hit each other. The recording went viral as fans wondered if everything was true and it was a simple joke.

During the first minutes of this Tuesday, September 19, the drivers of the «Today program» They were left in complete shock after two of their drivers had an intense fight that got out of control and even came to blows.

It was during the exercise section where Nicola Porcella and Agus Fernández They lost their posture to engage in a strong fight that generated uncertainty among their companions. In the images we see Tania Rincon very worried about what is happening.

After exchanging several blows, the former participants of the reality show «Warriors» they showed that it was all a joke. They even gave each other a big hug, exhibiting the great friendship they have inside and outside the television cameras.