Hotel VIP: Ligia Uriarte and Silverio Rocchi give their first kiss after a strong confession from Manola Diez

Ligia Uriarte and Silverio Rocchi kiss for the first time at the VIP Hotel


The VIP Hotel gets better and better and the couple from the reality show already had their first kiss

In it VIP Hotel love walks through the skies, well Silverio Rocchiwho opened his heart and confessed that he feels a strong attraction to Ligia uriartemanaged to steal a kiss to the actress of the series ‘Without fear of the truth’ after a Manola Diez’s strong confession.

It all started when Manola Diez asked Silverio Rocchi if she wanted to be her chocolate boyfriend, pretending to Ligia that she liked the former Puebla goalkeeper, so the young actress didn’t think so and became a little jealous.

“Explain to me about Silverio, do you want with him?”Ligia Uriarte asked Manola Diez, who proposed to play rock, paper or scissors, to define who Rocchi would stay with.

Hotel VIP: This was the first kiss between Ligia Uriarte and Silverio Rocchi

Ligia Uriarte and Manola Diez they began to play the famous game and in the end, Ligia Uriarte won and celebrated for staying with Silverio Rocchi, who saw the emotion of her crush and did not hesitate to steal a passionate kisswhich set off the screams of the other participants.

“I never imagined that I would kiss Ligia through a bet. It surprised me more, ”said the Italian-Mexican, while the actress spoke about this moment that she starred in:“ On the outside I’m cool, but on the inside I’m Wow! ”.

Maybe we’ll have something very soonbut for the moment I did not hesitate to take advantage of my moment”, sentenced Silverio Rocchi.

Let’s remember that last week, Ligia Uriarte and Silverio Rocchi shared an intimate moment after a pleasant dinner, where they talked deeply, flirted and even talked about the possibility of falling in love, after the former doorman confessed his feelings.