How companies will benefit from digital platforms on the second day without VAT

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After the first day without VAT in 2021 On October 28, the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE) reported that through digital sales moved around 9.8 billion pesos. For the second day without VAT, scheduled for this Friday, November 19, the figure is expected to be even higher facing the upcoming holidays, for this reason, digital channels and platforms can be great allies for companies at the time of sale and delivery of products, for this reason, Infobae brings a series of recommendations that can be the digital experience, an enhancer for your business during this day.

Planning the operation: an essential key to the success of the VAT-free day

Understanding that it is a day of high commercial flow, it is necessary to prepare and plan an operation that allows to improve the times and sales and delivery processes. For Mauricio Cifuentes, vice president of growth at Mensajeros Urbanos, a delivery logistics technology platform, companies must improve their virtual terrain, that is to say, provide the means for the customer to buy again, which is why service channels must be strengthened so that contact with the client is a successful experience for both.

In addition to the above, it is important have a good and correct description of the products on virtual platforms, which will lead to much faster purchasing processes for the customer, because he will have all the information necessary to take the items.

Days without VAT- Colombia-10-15-2021
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Provide enough tools to attract the customer

Many of the purchases to be made will be made through virtual channels, for this reason, companies should offer customers the largest number of payment platformsThis will be an added value that will represent comfort to the customer at the time of purchase.

For Cifuentes, it is also essential be aligned with internet trends, “If you have a product or brand, with some similarity to a television series or social network, you can increase your sales if you leverage a trend, such as the shoe brand, which is being seen in the series, and netizens want it have, ”he explained.

In the midst of this digital age, it matters have good accounting software, which will allow you to simplify tasks, detect improvements, have data up to date, which will allow you to concentrate on more strategic tasks.

Have a good logistics system or an ally that has it

“In such a fast-paced world, it is vitally important to get an operator that offers artificial intelligence with analytics technologies that can optimize delivery times. As an example, if the day without VAT is going to make a sale, it is important to have a logistical ally that tracks the delivery of the order in real time, ”says Cifuentes.

Although there are many companies that offer this type of service, each one will have a different sales commission and delivery times, factors that must be taken into account when choosing, it is recommended to choose the one that best suits the budget and the promise of value that the company wants to deliver. The field of action of each of these logistics organizations and the different care that must be taken in the transfer of the products and in their final delivery should be asked very well.


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