How Eddy Reynoso went from being an immigrant to becoming the best boxing coach in the world

Eddy Reynoso was with Saúl Álvarez from the beginning (Photo: Instagram / @ canelo)

Eddy reynoso is the name behind the success of Saul Alvarez. Coach and boxer have made the perfect pair. Together they have climbed to the top in world boxing. The results leave no room for doubt: world championships in four different categories and the fifth already underway, with Ilunga Makabu in the sights.

But of course, getting there was not easy for either of them. Eddy, son of José Chepo Reynoso, has had to struggle to reach the top of a sport that he initially tried to practice. Later, he realized that his knowledge of stringing could be better applied through teaching. That teaching spirit is what has allowed him to combine so well with the Canelo, whom he has led since his inception in the ring.

Reynoso, born in 1976, was one of the millions of Mexicans who have sought a better life by crossing the border that separates Mexico from the United States. This is what Eddy himself said on his Twitter account.

“I am very proud as a Mexican that in 1996 I crossed from illegal to the United States in search of the American dream. I was detained for more than a month. 24 years later, he walked through the door and the officers even ask me for photos. With work and sacrifices, everything is possible. Never stop dreaming, “wrote the member of the Canelo Team.

Eddy went through complications before excelling in boxing.  (Photo: Twitter / @ CANELOTEAM)
Eddy went through complications before excelling in boxing. (Photo: Twitter / @ CANELOTEAM) (Eddy went through complications before he excelled in boxing. (Photo: Twitter / @ CANELOTEAM) /)

After his attempt to live the “American dream”, Eddy took refuge in boxing with his father. Fate crossed them with a young man of outstanding qualities who immediately attracted their attention. It was about Saul Alvarez, To who Chepo affectionately nicknamed as Canelito. Since his professional debut, with just 15 years of age, father and son took over the career of the current four-time world champion.

At first the head coach was Chepo, but in recent years he has delegated the spotlight to his son, Eddy Reynoso, who in 2019 was appointed by the Boxing Writers Association as the best coach of the year in recognition of the work he has done under the tutelage of Saúl Álvarez.

The success of Canelo Team has been such that even other boxers, like Andy Ruiz, the first Mexican heavyweight champion, asked to join the Reynoso camp with the intention of improving his performance and exploiting to the maximum the qualities that led him to defeat Anthony Joshua. Eddy Reynoso has even had influence in the social sphere. It was thus that the Senate of the Republic decided to reward him because of his work in boxing.

(Photo: Instagram / caneloteam)
Andy Ruiz went to the Reynoso team for improvement. (Photo: Instagram / caneloteam)

Next to Canelo Álvarez, Eddy has won world championships in four different divisions: super welterweight, middleweight, super middleweight and light heavyweight. With the recent victory over Caleb Plant, the boxer from Guadalajara managed to unify all the super middleweight world championships: CMB, AMB, OMB and FIB. Opinions are divided. Some consider Canelo as the best pound for pound in the world; others place names like those of Oleksandr Usyk, Terence Crawford and Gervonta Davis.

The next challenge for the Álvarez-Reynoso duo will be to win the world cruiserweight championship (WBC), held by the Congolese Ilunga Makabu. In case of getting it, Canelo would access a privileged site that no Aztec boxer has touched: five world titles in five different categories. And all that began thanks to the irremediable dreams of a coach who did not give in to any adversity.


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