How is the powerful warship that will protect London from drones during the coronation of Carlos III

HMS Diamond as it is pulled by tugboats along the Thames on May 2, 2023 in London, England. (Carl Court/Getty Images) (Carl Court/)

The most powerful warship in the world United Kingdom will stand guard in the thames to protect London from drone attacks during the coronation of Charles III this Saturday.

He HMS Diamond It is an air defense destroyer of the type 45 of the Royal Navy launched in 2007. It is one of the most advanced warships ever built, with a awesome firepower and radars able to detect missiles and drones.

British ship HMS Diamond
The ship crossed the Thames Barrier on Tuesday and will be docked in Greenwich, southeast of the British capital, during the ceremony. (Carl Court/Getty Images) (Carl Court/)

Their radars can detect and track targets the size of a tennis ball at three times the speed of sound, 400 kilometers away.

They can guide up 16 missiles simultaneously as they make their way towards zigzag targets.

According to the Marinethe warship is in the capital for “celebrate the coronation”. He crossed the Thames Barrier on Tuesday and during the ceremony will be docked at Greenwichin the southeast of the British capital.

British ship HMS Diamond
The HMS Diamond in front of the Millennium Dome, one of the symbols of London. She is one of the most advanced warships ever built, with impressive firepower and radar capable of detecting missiles and drones. (Carl Court/Getty Images) (Carl Court/)

According to the British media, it is expected that to celebrate the event it will offer a series of VIP cocktails and performances by the band of the Royal Marines.

But naval sources say that it would be enough to “flip a switch” to activate their air defense systems.

British ship HMS Diamond
HMS Diamond passes the Old Royal Naval College in London on Tuesday. (Carl Court/Getty Images) (Carl Court/)

The warship, 150 meters long, can carry up to 48 Sea Viper missiles.

The missiles, 4.5 meters long, are they throw vertically from the foredeck of the ship. They reach four times the speed of sound and “maneuver to kill with G forces that no human being can withstand,” according to the Navy.

British ship HMS Diamond
The ship at the Portsmouth naval base before leaving for a mission in the Black Sea in February 2022. (Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images) (Finnbarr Webster/)

$300 million security operation

The ship will be one more element of the massive security operation which has been set in motion for the coronation of the successor of Isabel II. The event will take place on May 6, 2023 at 11am London time at Westminster Abbey.

More of 11,000 policemen they will be deployed for what will be the biggest ceremony held in the British capital in 70 years. More than 9,000 are expected to be police officers, while a further 2,500 will be specialist law enforcement members, including maritime police, explosives experts and surveillance officers.

A police officer stands guard in front of Buckingham Palace (REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska)
A police officer stands guard in front of Buckingham Palace (REUTERS / Maja Smiejkowska) (MAJA SMIEJKOWSKA /)

The Minister of Security, Tom Tugendhatsaid this Wednesday to Times Radio that the event is going to be one of the most important security operations the country has ever conducted: “Police are, to put it mildly, everywhere, and our intelligence and other security forces are acutely aware of the challenge we face.”

As Tugendhat pointed out to skynewsthe preparation of the forces was demonstrated after the quick action with the man in Buckingham Palace, and the subsequent controlled explosion they did when they found a suspicious bag – the man had told officers to handle his backpack carefully.

Police officers stand guard before the coronation of King Charles, in London.  (REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska)
Police officers stand guard before the coronation of King Charles, in London. (REUTERS/Maja Smiejkowska) (MAJA SMIEJKOWSKA/)

However, for the invasive practices that will be used during the event and the high cost to British taxpayers, criticism was not long in coming.

Human rights groups accused the authorities of stifle civil liberties in his attempt to ensure that events ran smoothly.

The Metropolitan Police will use facial recognition technology in central London to spot wanted criminals in the crowd. Big Brother Watcha privacy campaign group, called this tactic “Orwellian.”

Local media have estimated the cost of this massive security operation at around £250 million (about 315 million dollars).

Fear of anti-monarchist protests

Deputy Deputy Commissioner Ade Adelekan said there was no intelligence on any specific threat to the event, so the biggest problem was likely caused by anti-monarchist groupswho plan demonstrations in Trafalgar Square and along the procession route.

There are recent precedents: Climate activists rioted during the late Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in June, and other protesters threw eggs at Charles from behind fences when he was already king.

But a new law approved this week gives police additional powers to deal with these eventualities. The new measures allow police to search protesters for items, including padlocks and glue, and impose penalties of up to 12 months in prison for protesters who block roads or interfere with “national infrastructure.”

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