How José Ramón Fernández influenced the formation of Francisco Javier González

Francisco Javier González collaborated with José Ramón Fernández in Imevisión (Photos: Instagram / @ joseramonfernandeza / Instagram / @ fjg_td)

Before the creation of Aztec TV, Imevisión It was the cradle that housed different sports commentators, all under the formation of Jose Ramon Fernandez. As time went by, the current Ajusco television station obtained spaces to empower the reporters and commentators who came to the sports project.

So it happened with Francisco Javier Gonzalez, current editorial director of TUDN. In an interview with Javier Alarcón for his YouTube program Between comrades, Francisco told how working with Joserra influenced his professional training, because when he joined the team of The protagonists, Javier González was barely over 20 years old.

He told Javier Alarcon a personal activity that he did and shared his admiration for Joserra He was the one who gave him the opportunity to debut on television and give an image to work as a chronicler and reporter.

The Protagonists 1986 Toño Moreno Nacho Trelles Jose Ramon Fernandez Francisco Javier Gonzalez
The Protagonists in 1986. Toño Moreno, Nacho Trelles, Jose Ramon Fernandez, Alfredo Ruiz and Francisco Javier Gonzalez (Photo: Instagram / @ joseramonfernandeza)

“I recently did the exercise of the 50 most important people in my life and obviously he (José Ramón Fernández) is among them”

He explained that the way of working of Joserra it is very dynamic and demanding. He became the team leader who knew how to direct the direction of the section despite the various conflicts it experienced when the television station was still Imevisión.

José Ramón was always a great leader, you had to see it in a frame, yes. We saw him take down in the office because they were epic fights, “he recalled.

José Ramón Fernández in one of his offices on TV Azteca (Photo: Youtube / Engarzadas Stories)
José Ramón Fernández in one of his offices on TV Azteca (Photo: Youtube / Engarzadas Stories)

One of the qualities that Francisco Javier recognized and that he learned from José Ramón was his way of leading a group and in the commentator’s own words TUDN explained that to Fernández It was learned by “imitating” it.

“He was a leader that you learned by imitation. José Ramón didn’t take you by the hand to do calligraphy, he didn’t. But you saw how he prepared, studied, became passionate, how he was a leader, how he handled meetings “

The time that Francisco Javier González lived was divided into two, the first in Imevisión since it entered the year 1985, and the second when the television station was privatized and became Aztec TV. From what you saw how is that Joserra overcame conflicts of interest on state television.

Emilio Fernando Alonso Eurocopa 96 narration
Francisco Javier González attended different coverage with José Ramón, such as the Euro 96 (Photo: Twitter / @ emilio_alonso69)

Many times his enemy was at home, his enemy was in that director of Imevisión which he was using as a political platform for what was to follow. When it is privatized there is a full stop in all that, but many Sometimes José Ramón fought deeper with areas that did not understand what sports were”, He explained.

But another of the teachings that he left and that were not much to his liking was the arduous rivalry and “Hate” with Televisa. Javier González confessed that it was difficult for him to adapt to the demands and limitations of Joserra as for the enmity with the other television station.

Francisco Javier Gonzalez
By 2001 Francisco Javier left the television station to migrate to other projects (Photo: Instagram / @ fjg_td)

The editorial director of TUDN shared that he used to be very “friendly” and sociable with the rest of the collaborators, so the scolding of Joserra he didn’t quite like them.

“He had a hatred for Televisa that many of us did not share. When he greeted, he shook hands, a hug with everyone. José Ramón could not bear to be greeted. I told:’ You are going to have to put up with it because I get along well with everyone‘I had that row. But what about José Ramón was authentic ”, added Javier González.

For 2001 Francisco Javier left the television station to migrate to other projects. Later he joined TUDN, current company in which he works.


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