How Manola Diez met her boyfriend

Manola Diez, in love after eight years without having a partner

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Manola Diez opens her heart and tells us how she met her current boyfriend

Manola Diez He found love with whom he least imagined when he left the reality Hotel VIP. The 49-year-old actress opened her heart in an exclusive interview for the printed version of the magazine TV and novels.

“I have a partner that I met now that I left the reality show, after eight years single. I confess that I’m in love; He makes me very happy, I do him good, he does me good, and we are giving everything, ”Manola said.

Even the actress revealed how she met the lucky one, since “he is a neighbor of mine, and today we are together. It took me a while to have a boyfriend because I was 100 percent devoted to my son Max, and I also wanted to give myself the opportunity to wait until the right man came into my life. Now we are happy and we have plans to stay together forever”he added happily.

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Manola Diez and Fer Sagreeb, sweethearted at the VIP Hotel

Let us remember that during your participation in the VIP Hotelpopular reality show on Channel 5, Manola Diez ignited the flame of passion with her partner, the model Fer Sagreeb.

The ‘Rebelde’ actress starred in a fictional wedding with the also television host, who gave her an earring (simulating their commitment) in the jacuzzi. The emotion was such that the two celebrated with a hug and a “rich” kiss, just as Manola asked Fer.

However, moments before the proposal, Carlos “El Chevo” López appeared, who pointed at the 49-year-old actress, assuring that his friend would regret having spoken nicely to him.

Despite this, Fer Sagreeb, who before the request took off his swimsuit in the jacuzzi, managed to go ahead with his proposal and asked Manola Diez to marry him and put an earring in her nose.

Manola Diez was enthusiastic and responded to the proposal with a passionate kiss. “A rich kiss, right?”said Manola, who later confessed to Gomita that she loved Fer Sagreeb.

Later, the commitment of Manola and Fer reached the ears of the then 15 participants of the VIP Hotel, so they decided to organize an impromptu and fictitious wedding to celebrate the supposed romance of the competition.

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