How many children does Luis Enrique Guzmán, son of Silvia Pinal, have?

Luis Enrique Guzmán Pinal announced that he is not the biological father of his ex’s son, Mayela Laguna, after performing a paternity test.

Luis Enrique Guzman discovered the secret that for four years her ex-partner, Mayela Lagoonhe hid from him, regarding the fact that he is not the real father of his four-year-old son Apollo, whom Alejandra Guzman he would have left him as heir to his fortune, after the estrangement and strong lawsuits he has had with his daughter, Frida Sofia.

“Mr. Luis Enrique Guzmán Pinal underwent a molecular genetic test with results of zero percent paternity and compatibility from the development and application of this genetic science, between the minor of initials AAGL and Mr. Luis Enrique Guzmán Pinal.”

“Now, this does not mean that the affection of Mr. Luis Enrique Guzmán Pinal for the minor disappears, since the bond that is born from an affection of this magnitude is something that is carried in the walk of life itself, but it must be very clear that this union or legal bond that has its genesis in filiation, which only resides between parents and children and constitutes a civil status from which both rights and obligations derive, is not possible (viable) to continue it ”, reads in the statement released by Luis Enrique’s lawyer.

With the above, the son of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzman, Luis Enrique Guzman52 years old, would not have any biological male child in his family, which is made up of his two daughters, already young by name, Giordana Guzman and Schersa Guzmanfrom their relationship prior to that of Mayela Lagoon.

Schersa Guzmán is a professional tattoo artist; she has tattooed her aunt ‘La Guzmán’. In addition, she uploads videos related to planting plants to her YouTube channel.


For her part, Giordana Guzmán, who stays away from the spotlight like her sister, is dedicated to jewelry design and has her own brand. She has publicly shared that she miscarried and that her orientation is bisexual.


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